Welcome to my new and improved web site!

Wednesday 6th May 2015

After a lot of work and a great deal of frustration my new and improved web site is finally in pace! I do hope you take a few minutes to browse through it.
One of the biggest changes is the new web shop which makes shopping and paying for my merchandise a great deal easier, you can now pay with PayPal. In addition the web shop lets you see how much I have in stock of every item.

Everything has been through minor changes, but the main layout is still very similar. I do believe the entire web site is more user friendly now. It also has a new responsive design, which means it works equally well on iPads and mobile phones, which is a major improvement!

The galleries are still here, and on the Norwegian version you can also find my blog.
If you find anything that is wrong, or doesn’t work please do tell me so I can get it sorted! 🙂

And at the end, – here’s my most recent painting, this one can be found in the Nudes gallery. It is called “Letting Go” and is 54x70cm

Letting Go



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