With palette and polkadots

Thursday 22nd March 2018

I have had an exciting day working wth the excellent people at the printers Fagtrykk Trondheim AS today
After several months of hard and intense work and countless late nights this projectis no longer a secret. And I am able to see the finishing line!
After Easter “Inga Dalsegg – med palett og polkadotter.” (Inga Dalsegg – with palette and polkadots) will be fresh from the printers and ready for sale.
This is part biography part art booklet, and very personal. So instead of having to writ some sort of review myself I am choosing to quote the company tha has made the layout and design; Anunatak. On their web site the have written;
“A bookabout  adramatic life stor and an exciting art journey”
I will keep you posted with more information as soon as I have a date! 

The colours are measured and checked
The very firsts sheets are being printed
The sheet with te correct colours have been stuck to the wall
Fagtrykk in Trondheim
The finished result

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