Paintings which create feelings and emotional thoughts.

I create oil paintings, on both canvas and Egyptian papyrus, drawings and I do some printmaking.

The focus of my art is emotions, feelings and atmospheres.
I strive to reach the inner world, endeavouring to stir up feelings within a person’s soul. I want the viewer to dream, to be moved and to enter a world of emotional images.
I want to show the diversity of life’s journey with my pictures. Everything from life’s simple pleasures to the more extreme highs and lows in life. From the fragile birth of life to the wisdom of old age.

The best types of feedback I get is: “I have felt just like that! That painting shows what it’s really like!”

On the 31st October 1996 my twin sister, Elin, and my best friend, Jin, was brutally shot and killed in Ålesund in Norway, by a man all three of us knew well. Naturally this did not only influence my life, but also my art, for a lengthy period after.

As a twin I didn’t feel I had just lost a sister, I lost one half of myself that day. We were inseparable, and we completed each other.

My art helped me get through it all. I spent a lot of time painting my way out of grief and bottomless despair. Truly being at the lowest possible has made me appreciate life’s simple pleasures even more. I believe it is due to these experiences that you often can see gratitude, presence and joy in my art today.
The darkest and most depressive of my art is also here, including from the years after the murder