New drawing and lino prints

Friday 22nd September 2023

I am working a lot with pastel drawings and lino cut lately, and just finished this drawing today
The title is knitting cuddle, and it measures 31×47 unframed, it is a pastel drawing on pastel mat paper. naturally it will be slightly larger when framed.
The price is 6 700 Norwegian kroner including professional framing with non reflective art glass


I also made some new kitty lino prints recently, here are a few examples, you can see the rest of the series in the printmaking gallery


Jigsaw puzzles

Tuesday 19th September 2023

I had an exciting delivery today – brand new art merchandise! Jigsaw puzzles with mine and Ronald West’s art!
They are all 1 000 pieces, and come in special boxes designed by me.
Price 420 Norwegian kroner.
I had quite a few motifs made for the pre-orders, but have so far chosen to only have 2 in stock. But I can take orders for other paintings later if anyone is interested in that. Mine are available in my web shop. I have not added Ronald’s there, but just get in touch and I will let you know what I have in stock!

New drawing of hands

Monday 31 August 2023
They stopped thinking with an almost painful relief, Stopped seeing; they only breathed and sought each other.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald
I have just finished this drawing, and this quote from Fitzgerald became the title.
This is a pastel drawing on pastel mat sheet. Size 50 x 38 cm. It will of course be slightly larger when finished framed. Price NOK 6 700, fully framed with non-reflective art glass (+postage if applicable)

New paintings for the summer exhibition

Tuesday 27 June 2023
I am working hard towards this year’s Summer Exhibition with Ronald West here at Dalal√•ven. 2 new paintings in very different styles and sizes have been completed recently, both of these are in the For Sale gallery

Vennepiknik, Olje p√• lerret, 70×110 cm. kr 26 000
H√•p, olje p√• egyptisk papyrus. 34×44 cm. Kr 8 700

Art from South Africa

Wednesday 24 May 2023
Thanks to excellent support and sponsorship from the 150th anniversary of Rindal Sparebank, I have had the opportunity to invite an artist from all the way from South Africa as this year’s guest artist during the traditional Summer Exhibition here at Dalal√•ven Atelier during Kulturv√łkku here in Rindal.
I have to admit that I think this is really cool!
The amazing Ronald West from Cape Town will now have his FIRST exhibition in Europe, a little special – and very fun – that it is in little Rindal!
West is – like me – a full-time artist and has had many sold-out art exhibitions around South Africa. Among other things, he has participated in the two largest art festivals in the country, where there are over 100,000 visitors daily for over a week.
As artists, we have different styles and expressions, while people, cats and colors are a consistent theme in the art of both of us. Ronald uses humor, body language and settings that make you smile when you look at his pictures. Feel free to check out his art on Facebook; The Ronald West Gallery
I was incredibly happy when Ronald agreed to come here, and I am VERY excited to exhibit with him. I can guarantee that this will be a colorful exhibition with pictures of all sizes and I really recommend making time to stop by this week for a unique experience.
There will be an opening with a red carpet on Saturday 1 July at 1pm.
The exhibition is open from 11am to 5pm every day during Kulturv√łkku.
With the exception of Saturday 8 July when it will be 10-16 due to Market Day The last opening day will be Sunday 9 July

Meg og Kristin Langli i Rindal Sparebank med et maleri Ronald har malt til meg

Bath Nymphs

Wednesday 24th May 2023
I update way more regularly on Facebook than here, but here is my new lino print; Bath nymphs.
I have made 20 small lino prints, size 16×21 cm. Some have light, cold colors, others dark, warm colors – so there is a bit of everything here. Price NOK 1 700 without frame, NOK 2 600 framed with non-reflective art glass.
These are printed in a limited edition of 20 unique variations (no two are alike.) Some are hand-painted, others not. You will find a picture of each one in the album called Printmaking If you want a colorful sky on one of the unpainted ones, you can choose the colors I will paint on the sunset/sunrise for you

Dalalåven blir stengt en stund

Friday 7.April 2023
I am going to Switzerland for a major and much-anticipated operation on 10thApril, and will be 100% on sick leave for at least 3 weeks afterwards. Unfortunately, this means that Dalalåven Atelier will be CLOSED for a while.
Running your own company and having to close is far from ideal, but that’s just the way it is. My¬†hope is that this operation will give me a life with less pain, better quality of life and more energy to produce art.
I want to facilitate as well as possible for my customers, so here is a reminder that my online shop is ALWAYS open! Merchandise will be packed and sent with good help from my relatives, it will also be possible to pick up/buy stuff after agreement with my mother Kristin; phone 9051 8358


Wednesday 15th February

Would you like a bit of winter joy on your wall?
Have a look here! I have just made 20 small lino prints, every single one is unique, so if you are interested click your way into the Printmaking gallery to have a flick through
This print is inspired by my own skiing trips to my family’s cabin in glorious spring weather.
I have mixed the ink as I go along, so there is lots of variations in the blue hues, with cold, warm, light and dark shades of blue, and a bit of black on some of them.
This printis called Winter Joy and it measures¬†16×20 cm.
The price is 2 400 Norwegian kroner with professional framing including non reflective art glass, and 1 500 Norwegian kroner unframed. Postage is added on, I send to all over the world

Olga the cat

Tuesday 17th January 2023


This lino print is inspired by the cat Olga, which belongs to my friend Idun. Olga truly has the most wonderful fluffy and soft belly fur, and she loves to show it off.
But being the cat lover that I am, I had to make this print in different colours, to honor the many lovely cats I know and have met over the years. The black version reminds me of my own cat Nils.
This lino print is called Cuddle time. I have printed this in a limited edition of only 16 copies. All 16 are unique variations, with different coloured ink, printed on different coloured paper and hand-coloured with different colour variations.
Size 21×30 cm.
Price NOK 2,000 without frame. NOK 2,900 fully framed with non-reflective art glass.
You will find the entire series in the album Printmaking

First painting of the year in 2023

Friday 6th January 2023

It’s always a special feeling to sign my first panting of the year – and to remember to sign with the correct year!
I have to admit I am working on a few too many projects at the same time right now, but this painting on Egyptian papyrus was the first I actualy finished in 2023. It is still so wet that it is impossible to get a good photo, so I will try again for that next week.
As always, this painting can be yours! It measures approximately 42 x 65 cm, (there are no perfect 90 degree angles on a sheet of papyrus, so my measurements are slightly approximate).
It is an oil painting on papyrus and will be framed with non-reflective art glass (whih will make it slightly larger due to the frame). Price fully framed with non-reflective artificial glass 15 500Norwegian kroner.
If no buyers come forward fairly quickly I will rent it out to the fantastic Michelin restaurant Fagn in Trondheim, as they already have quite a few of my other paintings on the walls there
Oil painting on Egyptian papyrus. 42×65 cm + frame. 15 500 Norwegian kroner
Framed with non-reflective art glass

Pumpkin season is over

Monday 31st October

My life has been all about pumpkins every single day since 14th October, with carving pumpkins, travelling around the country with my pumpkin carving workshops, and carving pumpkins on national TV. There’s pictures and more about all that on my Facebook and Instagram pages.
I finished the pumpkin carving season today with a final pumpkin lantern of my art studio cat Pusur – about time I carved a cat in a pumpkin I have to say!
I now return to my paint brushes, palette and easel, and hope you have enjoyed my pumpkin art.
below is a video of my pumpkin of the norse god Loki with Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent, the troll pumpkin I carved on live TV and of thoday’s carving of the cat Pusur. Also a few pictures of me carving punmpkins on Norway’s biggest breakfast TV show: Good Morning Norway Thursday 27th october 2022

TV host Cathrine Fossum carved a pumpkin with guiding from me on God Morgen Norge

 Carving pumpkins on TV


BIG Art Sale

Sunday 9h October 2022

I am TIDYING my art studio, and thereby giving you the opportunity to make a really great autumnal art bargain!
Here you will find everything from a whopping 30-70% discount on a number of original paintings, drawings and graphic prints!
All the pictures are now available on my Facebook page with prices and sizes, you don not need to have Facebook yourself to see them, so click HERE to take a look
I am unfortunately unable to have regular opening hours right now due to chronic illness (and hosting a range of workshops around the country), BUT please do get in touch and we can arrange a day and time you can come to take a look at the pictures live. You can also buy or reserve art by commenting under the photo or sending me a message.
I ship all over the world, postage will then be added to the price.
I will be at my art studio as much as possible during this period, so please stop by if you are nearby.
REMEMBER, there are many good reasons to buy original art:
– art is individual and personal – not mass produced or standard
– art as a preent is a gift that last forever
– a wall without art is completely wasted
So get in touch!

Autumn Art Sale, 30-70% off on original art


Art Studio closed

Friday 12th August 2022

My art studio Dalalåven Atelier will be closed in the period  30th August Р20th September as I will be at CatoSenteret for rehabilitation in the hope of getting rid of chronic pain. So if you are thinking of buying art or art merchandise please do pop by in the next two weeks. The same goes for my web shop.

This years summer exhibition

Sunday 10th july 2022

My art studio will be closed this upcoming week (11th-15th July) 
I will be comining treatment at St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim and some time off to recharge after a very busy week.
I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who have visited my annual summer exhibition this year! It has been a ball! I really do think I have the best job in the world.
I have had so many lovely and fun conversations, there’s been a lot of laughter, old friends I haven’t seen for years have suddenly appeared, and lots of paintings, drawings and prints have found new homes around the country.
The art studio cat Pusur has been busy posing and getting attention and cuddles from customers.
Here’s a few pictures of this week
G√łrild Bruaset (√•rets Kulturv√łkku-kunstner hos Rindal Kunstlag), meg og Tanja Vean som var √•rets gjestekunstner p√• Sommerutstillingen p√• Dalal√•ven
Tanja og meg rett f√łr √•pningen
Atelierpusen Pusur har v√¶rt p√• bes√łk hver dag under √•rets Sommerutstilling
Meg og Atelierpusen Pusur
Dyr er et tema som går igjen i kunsten til både meg og Tanja
Mange har v√¶rt innom i l√łpet av uka, til tross for mye ruskev√¶r

Lino prints with cats

Friday 17th June 2022
From grief to palyful cats, life can go from one extreme to the other. I used to do a lot of printmaking when I was an art student, but that’s a long time ago! I had a lot of fun making these lino cuts. They are all unique variatons, none are the same. My cat Nils is vbery playful, and loves to sit in the garden for hours watching birds and insects, so he is the inspiration

Nils and the bullfinch. Lino cut, 8 variations, 30×21 cm. price 2 000 Norwegian kroner
Curious Nils. Handcoloured lino cut, 10 variations. 21×30 cm, price 2 000 Norwegian kroner


The 5 stages of grief

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Some projects take a little longer than others.
Last summer I received a pile of old black and white photographs of my twin sister Elin and me from 1996 – the same year she was murdered.
I knew I had to use these in my art in a way, but it took a long time to figure out what and how.
It took even longer to actually get started, stop postponing it all. When I finally started, I faced up to several technical challenges in getting the photographs printed on to the oil paint.
But now I have finally finished. Here is the result:
5 canvas showing the 5 stages of Grief; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.
Had I been sensible, I would probably have spent my time on something more sellable, something nice and pleasant people would like on their wall. But I’m not.
Life is unpredictable. It can be very painful at times. You do not have to experience murder to experience grief.
Grief can also be the result of an unexpected diagnosis, illness, serious accident, breakup or death.
Everyone will experience loss and grief at some point in life.
Here is my interpretation.

The 5 stages of grief; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.
Anger. Oil paint and mixed media on canvas 40×60 cm 

Denial. Oil paint and mixed media on canvas 40×60 cm 
Acceptance. Oil paint and mixed media on canvas 40×60 cm 
Bargaining. Oil paint and mixed media on canvas 40×60 cm 
Depression. Oil paint and mixed media on canvas 40×60 cm 


This years Summer Exhibition

FRiday 10th June 2022

This year’s summer exhibition is 2nd -10th July
I have invited the artist Tanja Silseth Vean here to my art studio (Dalalåven Atelier) during the local Cultural Week.
Tanja was born and raised in Sunndal, but she has lived in Tr√łndelag the past 20 years or so, so she is absolutely a local artist

Music, poetry and nature have always had a special place in her pictures, both as inspiration and starting point, but it is the four-legged creatures and those with wings that have had the greatest place in her art for the last 10 years.
The conversations between animals and humans, nature and city, have always fascinated Vean.
Female figures, often in conversation with the animals, have also been a recurring main theme. Sensuality, sexuality and everything around the feminine have a big place in what is created in the unity between women and friends.
Tanja says “It is interesting to see how the balance between wisdom often ends up in the animals’ favor”.
Oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, pastels and pencil. Everything is equally interesting and often mixed, as long as they work well together.
Tanja Vean plays with materials and forms of expression and uses mixing techniques to find the right expression.
Tanja and I have known each other for a little eternity, but this will be our first joint art exhibition.
Here you will find both drawings, painting and prints in all kinds of techniques, humor, a twinkle in the eye, strong emotions and delicate moments.
Tanja and I look forward to rolling out the red carpet and inviting you to our summer show!
Opening Saturday 2 July at 1 p.m.
Open every day from 11 am to 5 pm. With the exception of Saturday 9 July when it will be 10-16 due to the local market day.


Friday 29th April 2022

It’s Friday, and I have finished another painting!
This time it’s a nostalgic one, with well used working hands in action. Maybe this will make you think of the scent of freshly baked bread or buns when you were growing up? Your parents or your grandparents?
As per usual this is an oil painting, it is 50×60 cm, and the price is 17 500 Norwegian kroner

First painting of 2022

Wednesday 26th January 2022

It always feels a tad special somehow to sign the first painting of a new year, well this is the first one in 2022. It is 60×40 cm, and oil on canvas.
I haven’t landed on a title yet, as I decided to leave that for all of my followers on Facebook and Instagram – there are still so many fantastic suggestions flowing in, that I want to leave it a bit longer before I choose one!

Oil on canvas, 60×40 cm, 13 600 Norwegian kroner


Hands and romance

Friday 30th July 2021

I have finally finished another painting. As I am still not well, and only being able to work part-time things take time…
This painting can be yours, it is an oil painting on canvas, the title is; I will never let you go
It is 50√ó33 cm and the price is 11 600 Norwegian kroner (if you would like me to calcultae the price to your local currency let me know!)

The annual Summer Exhibition

Sunday 27th June 2021

Yesterday was really just an amazing day! Gazelle and I truly agree that our art is so well suited to be shown side by side in an art exhibition. even though we express ourselves differently both of us are working with emotions, moods, feelings and atmospheres.
Saturday just went by at high speed, the day included red carpet, polkadots, art,beautiful local food from local farms and our local farm bakery.
remember that our exhibition is open every day during the Cultural Week, last day being Sunday 4th July!

Gazelle and I on the red carpet just before the opening
Pictures and motifs are being discussed before buying

The 4 Arts

Friday 14th May 2021

I finished a new painting today!

I have painted the 4 seasons, the 4 elements and the 4 times of day previously. I have been thinking about painting the 4 forms og classical arts, as in painting, dance, music and literature for a while.
I am so lucky that i got to use two of my close friends as models: the author Gunn Marit Nisja represents literature here, and Eva Lillegård represents music. THANK YOU so much for letting me use you, I really appreciate it!
I was even allowed to add a quote from the book Gunn Marit is writing now, as you can see.
This is an oil painting on canvas, it’s called The Four Arts, measures 47×33 cm, and it can become yours, the price is 9 800 Norwegian kroner

drawing workshop

Friday 19th March 2021

I have had a drawing workshop at the School in Flatanger today. As both Rindal and Flatanger have no Covid-19 this was possible. I really enjoy having workshops around the country like this. It’s fun to meet new people and to get the opportunity to spread some creativity and artistic joy.
The bunch I met today was great fun, they were so positive and bubbly, loads of creative ideas and fully focused all the way.
We have been drawing portraits, animals and landscapes, been testing out pencil, pen and pastels. A really jam packed afternoon and evening.
I have to say I am impressed that these kids chose to spend all of 5 hours after school on a Friday at a workshop! And they barely wanted a break to eat, as they said they’d rather continue working on their pictures!
They made a lot of brilliant art, so I think a lot of people in Flatanger will be shopping for frames the next few days!
I had a great day -and would love to come back!


Friday 26th February 2021

I had surgery for deep infiltating endometriosis in December. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I could show all of the pain, the despair and frustration in a painting. Here is the result:

This is an oil painting, it’s 70×50 cm and the price with framing is 16 500 Norwegian kroner.
I sincerely hope that other people who have lived with chronic pain is able to recognise something in this painting, even if they do not have the same diagnosis as me.

I have talked a lot about mental helath trhoughout the years, an issue a lot of people find taboo. When I ws diagnosed with endometriosis I instantly decided to be open about this as well. Surely it can’t be that much more difficult to talk about your pelvis, period and bowel movements than about depression and being suicidal?
Approximately 10% of all women have this disease. 25% of women with pelvic pain have endometriosis.
Still it takes around 7-10 yeard to get diagnosed.
If more people had talked about endometriosis I am pretty sure we weouldn’t have as many women walking around with extreme pain without seeking help – becaue we think this is normal.
Because a lot of us have been told by male doctors that it’s just period pain.
It’s not normal when it feels like you get raped by a giant bred knife and you faint from the pain.
Also I have to mention that 70% of all people living with chronic pain are women, while 80% of pain medication only has been tested on men.

I truly hope my painting can make a few more people talk about these issues

Easter mood

Tuesday 16th February

All of my Easter mugs and travel mugs, and loads of other travel mugs have arrived now!
I know it’s only February as yet, but I felt I had to test my new Easter mugs anyway as it is a sunny day! So I tried making a Norwegian spring and Easter feel outside in my snow covered gardn to check if they did give me the righ kind of mood!
You can find all of this stuff in my web shop!

Testing my easter tray and mugs in my garden

I have lots of new travel mugs in my web shop now!

New Easter Merchandise

Friday 12th February 2021

I just love receiving packags in the post! Today I got the test print for my new Easter trays and coasters. These are all hand made in Sweden, and the quality is really amazing! This means I no have 2 motifs on my small trays. 2 out of the 4 new coasters have Easter motifs.
I hope you like all of my new stuff, it’s all in my web shop now, even though it’s not all in stock yet. But that means you can click to join the waiting list if you want to!

4 brand new coasters
Easter tray and 4 new coasters


New merchandise and open art studio

Thursday 11th February

I received a shipment with¬† brand new art cards today – straigt from my local printers in Trondheim – in time for both Valentine’s Day and Norwegian Mothers Day!
It’s actually been all of 4 yars since I last printed new motifs on my art cards, so it was about time!

 6 new motifs on my art cards












It’s become a tradition for me to have my art studio open every day before Christmas in December. This didn’t happen last year as I spent all of Dcember in hospital and then recovering. I know this was something my customers mised.
It’s not the same, but I am opening for the first time this year on Saturday 13 February at 11-15. So if you a looking for a present for a mother, grandmother, or your Valentine, please come and visit!

I am also having  a sale on all of my old cards now! I will treat you to 2 cards if you buy10! So you buy 10 cards, but only pay for 8.

Use the discount code 10kort when you et to the shopping basket.
This offer is not valid on the 6 new card motifs.

Digital Drawing- and painting classes

Friday 29th January 2021

I have made both a digital drawing class and a digital painting class. So you can now join me in a painting class from the comfort of your own home. These classes ae available on Vimeo, but you can also find them by simply clicking on the Video-link here on my page

I have plans for several classes, and would love to hear what you would like to learn!

First drawing of 2021

Saturday 9th January 2021

My first drawing this year is of the cats Gråtass and Lizzy, two charming fur babies.
Originally this was going to be done in time for Christmas, as a present for my nephew and his girlfriend. But then I was admitted to hospital ahead of time, and major surger ruined that plan. But better late than never, they received it today, and it looks like I have been forgiven by both Bj√łrnar, Lena and their cats!
I paint and draw pets and people on commission, so please get in ouch if you’d like a quote or a chat about possibilites.
You wiill find this picure and other portraits I have made on commission in a separate gallery here
Gråtass and Lizzy, pencil drawing, 30 x 42 cm

Autumn in the winter

27th November 2020

I have finally finished this painting.
Things are going rather slowly these days, due to me being ill and waiting for surgery. But it’s finally finished, so hopefully you don’t mind a bit of autumn/fall in the winter!
It’s called Autumn Goddess, and is 33 x 50 cm, and naturally for sale. The price is 8 800 Norwegian kroner

Two new paintings

Monday 23rd November 2020

I am a bit behind when it comes to posting new paintings here. But I alway post them straight awa on Facebook, so I recommend following me there for regular updates! here are twoof my more recent paintings though

Queen of the Fairies. oil on Egyptian papyrus, 32×23 cm, 5 200 Norwegian kroner
Fairytale. Oil on canvas, 46 x 42 cm. Painted on commission

This years Christmas painting

Monday 9th November 2020

My Christmas painting with the Yule Goat has now returned from the framers! The price is 5 500 Norwegian kroner ¬†¬£455 / ‚ā¨503 / $598) including frame with non reflective artist glass.
If YOU would like an original Christmas painting – for yourself or as a present to one of your loved ones – please do get in touch!
This is a watercolor in A3 format, it measures 43 x 53 cm inckluding mount and frame.
REMEMBER; I also have this painting on Christmas cards, mugs, cushions, tote bags and scarves
I have 2 water colours at the moment. The Yule Goat and one called Easter trip
The Yule Goat with frame
Water colour in A3 format, by Inga Dalsegg

More pumpkins

Saturday 31st october 2020

Naturally there were quite a few restrictions for my pumpkin carving workshops this year, but with limited numbers, plenty of hand santizer, distance and all that we were able to have some. Also several of the venues combined this with live-streaming or filming so several others couls participate from home.
Today I had a small event for Norway’s biggest radio and TV-channel with live carving.
There’s plenty of pics on my Facebook!
Here’s my last pumpkins of the year

This is the comedian Herman Flesvig in his part as Ola Halvorsen 
With the picture I used to carve from
Daenery Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones

The pumpkin artist is busy!

Thursday 22nd October

The pumkin season is finally here and I am loving it! Earlier this week I went on my annual pumpkin shopping spree to the biggest pumpkin farm in the area. I have started carving, and have so far made two pumpkin lanterns, but there’s more to come! Here are my first ons of the year; The evil queen in Snow White and the goddess Freya from Norse Mythology, in her chariot pulled by her two cats. The latter is a wide carving, it goes around most of the pumpkin, so I had to include 2 photos for you to see it all

The evil queen from Snow White
The goddess Freya from Norse Mythology, seen from the left
The goddess Freya and her cats seen from the right

This years Christmas painting

Saurday 17th October 2020

Fr years I kept saying that i do NOT paint Norwegian nisse, trolls, gnomes, elves and all that.
Luckily it’s never to late to change ones mind!
And I do love Christmas – or yule as we say here in Norway.
I needed to paint it now, even though it’s only October, if I am to get it printed on mugs, cushions, tote bags and all that in time for December!
The last couple of years my Christmas paintings have been very popular, so here’s my most recent one, with the Norwegian Yule Goat


New book-painting

Thursday 10th September 2020

I have FINALLY finished!
With some paintings I can visualise every detail before I even start. This painting here is about the magic of a good story, so fo me it made sense to let my imagination decide the course along the way.
Some elements have surprised even me as they suddenly almost demanded to be painted, due to that I have for instance painted my very first owl. I had planned other characters from the start, but they turned out to be completely wrong and had to be removed.
I have enjoyed reading a lot to find the right quotes while working on this. All the text here is readable, and has somehow also lived its own life. I haven’t used the quotes I originally planned.
I’ve been a bookworm all of my life, books have given me so much.
To quote the Norwegian authorTor √Öge Bringsv√¶rd: ‚Ä≤‚Ä≤A good book is like a trampoline for the imagination. It gives the mind something to jump and bounce on.”
Or as Stephen King says: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
I hope other book lovers will enjoy my painting, and feel some recognition!
This is an oil painting painted on Egyptian papyrus, it measures 43 x64 cm, and the price is 16 500 Norwegian kroner, including professional framing with non-reflective artist glass.

Autumn Market at my art studio

Monday 17th August

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September I am turning my art studio Dalalåven Atelier and the outside area in to a market for viking jewellery, local crafts, local farm food, art and art merchandise
Saturday 11-17
Sunday 12-16
Midgard Viking Replicas is an Norwegian silversmith based in Oppdal. The product range specializes in making as realistic replicas as possible of Norwegian and Scandinavian finds from Viking times.
Vorp√• R√łkeri specializes in fish, they smoke salmon the “old fashioned way” and also have many other types of fish. The raw materials are of course of the highest quality.
Holum Gård sells beautifully decorated sheep skin, yarn and many other products from their own sheep
Kirsten Solem sells the products of Lanullva. Lanullva is famed for their knitwear of high quality, in 100% pure merino wool and of Norwegian design. The popular garments provide warmth and comfort for young and old
Gårdsslakteriet Sylte As sells more or less all meat products that can be made from their own pigs. Salami sausage, smoked ham, Pork mince, burgers, Chili sausage, Chops, Bratwurst, Bacon and Pulled pork.

Inside at Dalalåven you will naturally find both an art exhibition with my original paintings and drawings and a shop department with a wide range of art merchandise in limited edition.

Brubekken Gardsmeieri who processes milk and meat from their own cows and goats. They make brown and white cheese, sour cream, butter, pultost and gammelost. Fresh meat and cured meat.
Bæstes Bakeri As collaborates with Brubakken gardsmeieri, which delivers sour cream and brown cheese to the bakery. Bæstes bakery bakes traditional thin lefse, coffee lefser and potato lefse.

Gardsbakeriet Hæmstelt with their popular and tasty breads and buns

We naturally comply with all national guidelines in relation to the corona pandemic both outside and inside.

Make a note of the dates and come visit us!



Friday 19th June 2020

I hardly ever get angry and I am absolutely not one to bear a grudge.
Recently I was in a situation where I almost felt the smoke coming out of my ears, I honestly felt the need to shake an adult.
This person was immature, annoying, moaning and bearing a grudge over something they should have been done with absolutely ages ago.
As a sensible adult, you don’t pick someone up by their neck and shake them though, and even though I wanted to shout and ask them to get a grip and rather look forward instead of moaning about the past I didn’t do that either.
Instead I went to my art studio and drew a sketch for a new painting. This is the result.
I hope you can see some of the frustration and the scream that was building up inside of me.
The painting is 35 x45 cm, it is oil on canvas, the price is 8 900,- Norwegian kroner, and the title is simply “Fury”

cat portrait

Monday 11th May 2020

I have just finished another commission, a drawing of the cat Pissi.
I currently take commissions, please contact me for more information

Pencil drawing 30 x 42 cm


Friday 8th May 2020

This is without a doubt the most detailed painting I have ever painted on Egyptian Papyrus. It’s pretty big, 64 x92 cm.
When the customer first contacted me and asked if I could paint something for her she simply said; paint something lavish and over the top and please add some roses! And maybe a lady in a red dress?
I like these types of commissions, they give me the opportuntity to interpret, imagine, think and try to create what I feel is right for that particular person.
We talked a lot together, and I decided I wanted to create a place where she can daydream her way into, I wanted to create a a place with the feel of a magical fairytale for her.
Along the way I have also had to do stuff I have never done before, I have painted countless tiny roses, and for the first time tried to paint bluebirds and a little bunny. Lots of details also means contless working hours, so this has taken me quite some time. But at the same time, it has been sort of nice to be able to escape a little into this secret garden I have tried to create, – also for me.
I hope you like it!
Maybe you are interested in getting a unique painting created especially for you? If so, feel free to contact me and we can have a little chat about opportunities and prices

The Secret garden, oil on Egyptian papyrus, 64 x 92 cm

Goat portrait

Thursday 16th April 2020

It’s always nice to get commissions with a personal touch, but this is the first time I’ve been asked to draw goat with someone, so I guess it was about time! (Usually people ask for pictures with their dog, cat or horse, but I also drew a commission of a boy with his favourite pig once). This is a pastel drawing of Anita and the goat Lothepus.
Feel free to contact me if you would like a drawing or painting together with your favorite pet, all I need is a few decent photos

New painting

Friday 3rd April 2020

It’s¬† Friday evening, and I have just finished a new painting, so now I can relax the rest of the week!
This is an oil painting, it’s 50×33 cm. price kr 8 800,-
I feel this painting suddenly became even more relevant now. It is about simple everyday pleasures, but still actions that are impossible for many of us now.
Maybe the situation we are in now will make us appreciate moments like these even more when we can interact with each other again?
In January, I had a poll at my Facebook page, where my followers got to vote and decide which painting theme I should make a new version of – ie a new twist on the same type of subject matter.
The picture that got the most votes was one with an old hand receiving a bouquet of flowers from a child’s hand. That is the background for me making this one. It’s interesting seeing how very different the two paintings are, although the theme is the same.
I’ve never tried anything like this before, but thought this was fun! I hope you like the pnew painting!

New painting, with the same subject as earlier
Accept the past, embrace the future and live in the present oil on Egyptian papyrus, 34 x 45 cm, painted on commission

My art studio is still open

Friday 3rd April 2020
Even though all of my art exhibitions, art fairs, and group visits here at my art studio is cancelled due to the corona-virus I am still at work here every day. I clean the door handles, payment terminal and other surfaces after every visitor.
Due to all the cancellations I have quite a lot of extra time on my hands, so I am now taking commissions.
I would also like to remind you all that my web shop is always open! If I am currently sold out of what you’re looking for, let me know and I will see what i can do.
My web shop also has a click and collect function, so if you do not need to get your shopping sent to you you can collect it yourslef or I can deliver to you if you live nearby.
If you just want to come and have a look at the art you are welcome, I have barely seen any customers the last 3 weeks, so the rules for social distancing is easy to overhold!

My art studio’s next door neighbour, the cat Pusur is the only “customer” I have seen this week


Easter chicks in water colour

Wednesday 18th march 2020

When the world is starting to feel unreal and surreal we all need something to brighten up our lives. So I desided to paint some bright, colourful and fun Easter chicks in retro style. I don’t usually use water colour, but as I decided to live stream me painting from my art studio via Facebook I decided to go for something quicker than oil painting.
having people watching really made me speed things up, so this must be a personal record for me! I had a few live sketching and painting sessions yesterday, and finished it all of on my own today.
It’s called Easter trip.
This is A3 size, so it’ll be a bit bigger when it’s framed.
As with all of my pictures it will be professionally framed with high quality non-reflective art-glass.
Price with framing is 5 500 Norwegian kroner

A lot of people started asking if I would get this on art merchandise while I was painting it, so i contaced the companies I use straight away, before I had finished painting. And it turns out I will be able to get some merchandise made in time for Easter this year!
This is the Easter merchandise I can get in time.
Usually I would just order some.
But with the way the Corona-virus has affected my financial situation with a lot of cancellations I am unable to do so.
So if YOU would like to buy any of these items, please let me know, and I will out an order in this weekend.


kopp sett fra siden
Kopp fra midten
Fargeglad påskepute
en fargerik gul påskesekk


Huldra in the troll forest

Thursday 27th february 2020

A few months ago I was bored stiff at a meeting, it was completely useless and it truly felt as a waste of time. I ended up daydreaming while I was scribbling and filling up my note book. naturally I filled it with small sketches instead of actual notes.
The day was boring, but I did get something out of it; the idea of this painting was born, sketched roughly with pen on lined paper.
Today I have finished it, and this playful version of Huldra (a Norwegian forest spirit) can now enjoy her life in this magical troll forest.
This is a oil painting on canvas, it measures 30 x 65 cm, – and it can be yours, the price is 13 500,- Norwegian kroner ¬†$1 440 / ‚ā¨ 1 323 / ¬£ 1 112 + postage)
I have not come up with a title as yet, so feel free to come with suggestions! I’ve painted Hudra before, but I feel this version here has a completely different personality to the others

painting workshop for children

Thursday 20.February 2020

Yesterday and today I had a paintign workshop for 5 kids who spent their winter holiday visiting their grandma here in Rindal
Everyine arrived very excikted, and there has been a lot of laughter, in my opinion simply brilliant that one of them instantly exclaimed that I am a genius when it comes to art!
This creative gang made some lovely acrylic paintings and pastel drawings while they were here, – just take a look!
Also I am extremely pleased that they already have asked if they can come back in their summer holiday, but they wanted more time, like an entire week! I guess that must be a compliment!

5 young artists with thei paintings and drawings
Full concentration
pastels can be messy, you may end up blue as a smurf!

First painting workshop of the year

Sunday 16th February 2020

Thank you so much to the fun and creative gang who has spent their weekend here with me at my art studio Dalalåven these last few days! I really love that the finished pieces show such variety in motif, style and technique.
A weekend like this is truly intense for me, – but at the same time it’s rewarding. I believe and hope that both myself anf all of the participants have had a fun weekend!
Also it’s great that so many have asked when I’ll be hosting my next painting class!
Here are a few photos of both the artists and their masterpieces!
The local paper Trollheimsporten visited us. It’s so lovely reading what some of the participants said:

“Sigrid Br√•ten believes a lot of people would like to try painting, but they might not feel brave enough to try. There is really nothing to worry about she sais, so she heartily recommends Inga’s art classes to anyone who would like to try painting or drawing.
Kjell B√¶verfjord has been at one of Inga’s workshops previously. he lives near Oslo, but is happy to drive the 8 hours to Rindal for a weekend art class with Inga.
There are plenty of art classes where I live, – but there is only one Inga. That is the main reason for me coming all this way he says with a smile.
This is educational, fun and social as well. An amazing atmosphere at her art classes in my opinion”
You can read the entire  article here


The first kitty-painting of the year

Wednesday 5th february 2020
There is something special about the relationship we have with animals, for me that has always been important. Which is why this is a subject I like to paint. I remember that we had to write an essay about our best friend when I was in grade, I wrote about my auntie Vigdis’s dog Kaisa.
The most soothing sound I know of is the sound of a cat purring, for me that removes all stress and makes me able to relax. ?
I’m sure the kitty in my painting here is purrrrrrrrring loudly.
This is not painted on commission, so this painting can be yours!
It measures 25 x44 cm, it’s oil on canvas, the price is 8 600,- kroner. (=¬£717 /¬† $936 / ‚ā¨859) which includes frame (I will be taking this to the framers very soon )

oil on canvas, 25×44 cm, 8 600 Norwegian kroner

Artistic Travel Guide

Friday 24th January 2020

I have been looking forward to telling you giys about this for quite some time now!
In October I am going to be an artistic travel guide for the travel agency Smart Reiser on their trip “The dream of the Caucasus”
There’s a limited number of available places, so if you like the sound of this you better hurry up if you want to join us on an absolutely amazing travel experience!
We will be recreating parts of the famous Norwegian author Knut Hamsun’s trip to this region in 1899, to the wine country Georgia and Azerbaijan the country of oil sheiks.
The people here began to make wine 8 000 years ago, and the wine in Georgia is world class.
Here is some of what we are going to experience; wine tasting naturally, we will drive along the Silk Road, find historical traces of Norwegians (Knut Hamsun, author and Munch model Dagny Juel, Fridtjof Nansen etc.), we will see one of Thor Heyerdahl’s biggest discoveries (carvings of long ships with dragon heads), in addition to mud volcanoes, flame towers and burning mountains to name a few things!
Just reserve the dates 7th-14th October!
More info and prices here

Goat portraits!

Thursday 23rd January 2020

It always feels good when I get to finish a project as the weekend is approaching.
Today I finished this commission of the 4 Majestic goats named Didrik, Per-Gunnar, Netti-Jo and Donald. Maybe slightly related to the Billygoats Gruff? I have to admit that I ended up really wanting a goat or two as I spent time styding these guys!
The Picture is drawn with pencil, charcoal and pastels, and measures 26 x42 cm

Do you have pets or animals you would like a drawing or a painting of? please contact me for a chat about prices and opportunities

First painting of the year 2020

Wednesday 22nd January 2020

My first painting of the year is finished!
I always like to meet the people I am painting if it’s possible, that way I feel I actually have them with me in my mind while I’m working
This comission started with me going on a home visit to photograph a lovely grandma with two of her grandchildren.
The people who commissioned this who wanted me to paint a sunrise behind the hands, an idea I liked. A sunrise adds a lot of symbolism as well as being beautiful
The painting is called Grandma, and it’s 30 x56 cm.

If you are interested in ordering a unique painting for your own home, please contact me for a chat about opportunities, options and prices

Grandmother by Inga Dalsegg, oil on canvas, 30×56 cm

Merry Christmas

Friday 20th December

It’s been so busy I haven’t been able to keep everything updater here, but I always keep my Facebook updated.
November went by in a rush of various Christmas fairs, – I was here in Rindal, at Stor√•s, at Aver√łya and I took part in Small Business Saturday.
In December I’ve been open for Christmas shopping both evenings and weekends, so it hasn’t been any less work.
Today I’m open till 17
Tomorrow, Sarturday 21st dec 11-15
Sunday 22nd Dec will be my last day before Christmas, 13-16.
Please pop by, I have lots of merchandise which makes excellent presents. Or maybe you should by a little something for yourself?
I would like to wish all of my customers and followers a very merry Christmas!


More pumpkin workshops

Monday 28th October 2019

I have had 4 pumpkin workshop during the weekend, so it’s been fairly busy!

Saturday I startd with a workshop for a football team with 12 year old boys. Their coaches hadn’t planned to take part, but as I knew they were pretty competitive I managed to coaxed them into giving it a try too!
Then I had a small private workshop for a family from L√łkken and Trondheim.
Sunday I had 2 fully booked pumpkin workshops with people of all ages from all over the country.
It’s been a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, a lot of pumpkin-goo, great atmosphere, a lot of mess, and most importantly for me, so many great moments were people have been so happy and over-joyed when they see the result of what they have achieved!
Also, it’s so great to hear many people asking about next years classes already!

Even though I feel like I have been running around all the time, and I never got the time to eat or anything like that, I’ve still had a fab weekend!
So I would ike to end with thanking all of you who have been here, than you for letting me spread some pumpkin-joy

Here are a few pic’s from the weekend, there’s lots more on my¬†Facebook-page here

The football team with their pumpkin lanterns
A small private pumpkin carving workshop
The footballers are busy emptying their pumpkins
Pumpkin workshops are FUN as you can see!
cats are always popular
some of all the pumpkin lanterns made Sunday
I love ow there’s always people of all ages coming to these workshops

My pumpkin lanterns on Breakfast TV in Norway

Wednesday 23.oktober 2019

Tomorrow I jump on a plane to Oslo, with a huge pumpkin in my lap!
Friday (25th October) I will be carving pumpkin lanterns live on Norway’s biggest Breakfast TV-show (God Morgen Norge) on TV2.
You will see me from about 8:20am, they have a pretty tight schedule, so I really need to figure out what to carve during my allocated time slot.
Taken into account I have no idea what size or shape the pumpkin I get to carve there is I also need a plan B an C to be honest…
Please switch your telly on and watch me on TV2 Norway this Friday!
I carved jack o’lanterns live on the same TV-show in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 they came to my art studio and flmed a pumokin carvng workshop I had there. A lot has happened in the years since, and I myself think the pumpkins I carve now are way better than they were back then.
My 4th pumpkin lantern this year is a character I belive the majority of you recognize. Several actors have played this character, I have chosen the classic movie from 1931 where Boris Karloff played the monster Frankenstein created
I’ll take this pumpkin with me on the plane to Oslo tomorrow, and to the TV-studio for Norway’s biggest breakfast TV show Friday Morning, when I’ll be carving pumpkins live on Good morning Norway, on TV 2.
If you want to see more of my pumpkins I have a album with a lot o them on my Business page on  Facebook, which you can find here

Frankenstein’s monster
3 of my pumpkin lanterns



First pumpking carving workshop of the year

Saturday 19th october 2019

The pumpkin season is finally here, and I have already carved a few pumkin lanterns.
Today I had my first pumpkin carving workshop this season, I was for the Association of Children with heart Defects. This has become an annual tradition which both they and I really appreciate. We had lots of fun today, even though it was pretty hectic and messy at times!
The children made some lovely jack o’lanterns, just hav a look here;

Wednesday 23rd October I am having  a pumpkin carving workshop during he cultural week in Rennebu. Saturday 26th Oct I have 2 private bookings for pumpki carving(one of them i for a football team). Sunday 27th October I have 2 pumpkin carving workshops at my art studio, both of these are fully booked with waiting lists.
Thursday 31st october I finish the season witha workshop at a college (Nordm√łre Folkeh√łgskule).
I have already received some booking for next year, if you are interested in booking me for a worskhop or class where you live please get in touch with me.


Me helping out at todays workshop
The jack o’lanerns made at the workshop today
All of us with our pumpkin lanterns at the end of todays workshop


Work hands

Sunday 13th October 2019

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a painting for some time now; old well-used work hands ptting on and lacing up a pair of scuffed work boots.
It has taken some time but I have finally added the last brushstroke!
I’ve called this oil painting “Work hands” it’s 52 x63 cm and the price is 15 500 Norwegian kroner, framing is included. (+ postage)
I hope this picture can bring up some fond memories and thoughts for some of you maybe about a grandfather, an uncle, or a father, – on the way out to do his share, to help out where it was needed, without any thought for his age.
I’ve never painted shoes before, just naked feet. And these shoes really really got to me, they were more troublesome than I would have thought. Who would have thought shoelaces were so complicated to paint?

work hands, oil on canvas
I framed it with an old style frame

new tray and coasters

Saturday 12th October 2019

I haven’t made any new trays for years, so I am really excited to show you this tst print for my new Christmas tray, and also 4 new coasters, – 2 of them with Christmas motifs.
These are all hand mase in Sweden, and made from birch. They should arrive i the begnning of November, in time for the big local fair here in Rindal

New tray with my chrismas water colour, size 43 x 33 cm, and 4 new coasters

This years Christmas-merchandise

Friday 27th September 2019

The very first Christmas products have arrived here at my art studio. There’s more to come, but everything is made in limited stock, so there won’t be a lot available of any of this stuff.

My new yuletide-painting is only on mugs so far, but I have ordered Christmas cards and other stuff.

The older Christmas-painting is so far on mugs, tote bags, drawstring bags, pillow cases and scarves.
You can find this and a lot more in my web shop

Pumpkincarving-workshops and Christmas fairs

Freiday 20th September 2019

Here’s a little update on where you’ll find me the next few months.
12th october I’ll have a stall at the Big Cabin Day in Rindal Den store hyttedagen i Rindal¬†
I will also be having several pumpkin-carving workshops as always. One closed event for The Association of Children with Heart Defects.
Then there will be one in Rennebu Gresskarlykt-verksted hos Rennebu Frivilligsentral 23rd October and two separate ones at my art studio in Rinda lGresskarlykt-verksted på Dalalåven i Rindal 27th October. ??
9.-10.November is the first big Christmas Fair of the season Rindalsmessa 2019 ,16.-17.Nov is the Chrstmas fair at Stor√•s Julemesse i Stor√•s Samfunnshus, 24.November I will be at Aver√łya Julemarked i √ėytun , 30.November is Smal Business Saturday Nisjebutikkens dag in Rindal.
After that I will mainly be at my art studio, and it will be open evenings and weekends for Chrstmas shopping in December

Latest paintings this autumn

Thursday 19th September 2019

I am sorry for not updating this newspage as often as I should. I do keep my Facebook business page updated with art and events though. Also the galleries here and my web shop are updated.
Here you can see my most recent paintings

Christmas-fun, water colour, 5 100 Norwegian kroner, the painting itself is 30×42 cm, slightly larger with frame
Safely Embraced, oil on canvas 27 x 40 cm, 6 000 Norwegian kroner
Little ball of fluff, oil on canvas 20 x 20 cm
Handyman, oil on canvas 35 x 50 cm


Opening of the annual Summer Exhibition

Saturday 29th June 2019

Thank you very much to all of you who visited the opening the annual Summer Exhibition here at my art studio! It has been a very busy day with a lot of customers, and good sales!
if you didn’t make it today, don’t worry, as we are open 11-17 tomorrow, and every day of the Cultural Week here in Rindal!

me and Elin R√łdahl Thingnes outside Dalal√•ven Atelier ready for the opening
It was a busy opening!

My first chicken

Friday 31st May 2019

This is the first time ever I’ve painted a hen, at least the first since I made some Easter decorations at primary school! I’ve just finished this tiny oil painting.
I like to paint the interaction between humans and animals, as I have painted quite a few cats, dogs and horses, I felt it was about time to paint some poultry!
This painting is 20 x20 cm, so it will fit on just about any wall in most homes
The price is 4 500,- Norwegian kroner, professional framing included.
Also; I have to thank Asbj√łrg S√¶terb√ł for the “loan” of models I quickly realized that I haven’t spent quite enough times with chickens, so it was very handy to have friend who could help me with that bit!

Cushions at the bank

Friday 24th May 2019

It’s always great to see my art or art merchandise at places where a lot of people get the opportunity to see them. The bank¬†¬†Rindal Sparebank has bought two of my cushion covers, so now the customers get to see very summery cushions in the sofa there.
To the left you see “The sound of swimming” and to the right “Summer Day”. I have cushion covers in 3 different sizes, and with a large selection of paintings to choose from, you can have a look at them in my web shop here

Exhibition in Denmark

Sunday 5th May 2019

Here’s a few pics from a lovely day here in the beautiful town of Mariager in Denmark, – and from the opening of the art exhibition at¬†Galleri Vognporten. It’s always nice to meet artist-colleagues from different places, and to see how differently we all interpret the same subject matter. This exhibition is simply called “Erotic” and it lasts untill 22nd June. We are 9 artists from the Nordic countries exhibiting there.
Also, I do have to add; Mariager is such an idyllic place, i really do recommend going there!

Inner strength

Thursday 25th April 2019

I have just finished another small oil painting
Sometimes you need to grab hold of all of your inner strength to battle through what life has thrown at you.
This painting is called Inner Strength, it’s oil on canvas, 30×24 cm, and the price is 5 300,- Norwegian kroner.


Monday 8th April 2019

I am painting, painting and painting all hours these days!
Therefore the week sort of starts with me just finishing another, – and somewhat different, painting now.
I hope you like the energy I have tried to create here.
The title is: Explosion of Energy
This painting will fit just about anywhere, as it’s only 38 x25 cm. The price is 5 300 Norwegian kroner, which is ‚ā¨550 / ¬£472 / $617 (this includes framing) + postage.
Very reasonable for a one of a kind original oil painting, so no need to hesitate!

New commission on Egyptian papyrus

Wedensday 27.March 2019

I have now painted the final brushstroke, and finished this commission.
The Title is ” Accept the past, embrace the future and live in the present”
Some customers and their stories leave bigger traces than others. This was a type of comission that made me think a lot and I was excited to start on it from we had our very first conversation about it.
I was actually so deep inside this story and picture that I felt sure my idea was right before I sent photos of my sketches and got a reply from the customer.
This painting contains both personal symbolism and history.
Both the new owner and I am aware that this probably will be interpreted and understood in several different ways, – which we think is fine.
The Picture is painted on Egyptian Papyrus, and is 34 x45 cm big.
And I know it’s going to a very good home, which is always nice to know!

Accept the past, embrace the future and live in the present, oil paint on Egyptian papyrus by Inga Dalsegg

What is she thinking about?

Friday 22.March 2019
I have just finished this painting.
What is she thinking about?
Is she waiting for someone? Who could it be?
It’s important¬† for me that there is no correct answer to these questions, I want you to be able to make up your own opinion about these matters.
The atmosphere is still the same after all.
This is oil on canvas, it’s 39×45 cm, I hve called it “Lost in thought”, – an the price is 10 500 Norwegian kroner

Two new paintings

Monday 25th February 2019

I have recently finished two new paintings, one is painted on Egyptian papyrus, the other on canvas.The lagtter was sold almost immediatly through Facebook

Soft Spot, oil on Egyptian papyrus
A Splash of Passion, oil on canvas

Life drawing classes at R√łrosmartnan

Friday 1.February 2018

I am looking forward to exhibiting at R√łrosmartnan for the very first time this year. In addition to having a stall inside in the “art corner” I am also holding 2 life drawing classes, completely free of charge. You can read more about this on their web site here.
If you are going to R√łors and would like to take part please contact me, as there’s a limited amount of places.
The classes will be life drawing with a model, this is suitable for all levels, beginners or people with more experience.
Maybe we’ll meet at¬†R√łrosmartnan 19.-23.February?

My first painting in 2019

I have just put the finishing brush strokes on my very first painting of the year. It is always a special feeling to sign the first painting of a new year.
This oil painting measures 40 x 60 cm, the title is “Soulmate Secrets” and the price is 12 400,- Norwegian kroner, including frame. (get in touch if you want help converting that to your currency!)
I think most of us who have grown up with animals/pets have talked to them, and even told them our secrets occasionally.
I myself have shared both exciting secrets, hopes, dreams, excitement and heartwrenching grief and despair with my cat Fr√łya.
I wanted to show some of that feeling get in this painting.
The cat on the painting is inspired by one of my friends cat, after all, I can’t just paint black cats either.
You can see this in a larger format in the For-sale-gallery here

oil on canvas, 40 x 60 cm, Nkr 12 400

Mugs and other new merchandise

My friend Britt with her new bag, this one is medium

Tuesday 18th December 2018
I have been ever so busy now in December, today I received a shipment of brand new mugs, note books, and a lot of other stuff.
I haven’t added these to my web shop,¬†as I have more than 60 motifs to choose from, and several of the products also come in different sizes and shapes, it’s just not possible for me to have this much in stock at all times, and it will be too much admin work for me on my own.
So instead I recommend either checking my web shop at Red Bubble or if you have the opportunity either pop by my art studio or contact me directly to ask what I have in stock just now, as I am happy to send, – as always

Quality-control of my new cat-cushions by the cat Pusur!
The cat Henry also likes my new cushions!
hardcover journal,128 pages
90gsm paper stock, Wrap around hardback cover. Fully printed design on the front and back 13,2×18,6 cm, kr 449,-
travel mugs, dish washer proof, 4,43 dl, kr 449,-
Spiral notebooks,¬†120 pages, Cover 350gsm, paper stock 90gsm. Front cover printed with my paintings.Handy document pocket inside the back cover. 15×20 cm kr 299,-
My mugs takes 3,54 dl, price kr 295,- Features wraparound prints, dishwasher safe and made from Ceramic
cushion covers, they come in 3 different sizes, starting at kr 399,-
You get my bags in 3 different sizes
These pouches are medium kr 299,-
Bag, pouch and cushin cover, – with the same motif
Pouches in 3 different sizes, starting at kr 275,-

Fairytale painting

Wednesday 5th December 2018

I have just finished this “fairy tale” of a painting, and I’m really wondering what you guys will think of it, – as is very different from anything I’ve painted before…
There’s a lot of details here, so this has taken a lot of time, – mainly spent with tiny tiny brushes.
I have chosen to call this painting “Once upon a time”
It measures 48 x 65 cm and the price is 14 500,- Norwegian kroner¬†(=¬†‚ā¨ 1 500 / ¬£ 1 340)
The price includes framing.

All of the text is quotes from lots of different fairytales, and it’s all is readable
I’ve always loved good stories, imagination, fantasy, adventure, daydreaming, make believe etc.
When I was a child my parents read books for me and my sisters every single day, and from I learned to read myself I have continued entering the magic world of books every day.
As Dr Seuss said; “You can find magic wherever you look.
Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.‚ÄĚ

Once upon a time

Christmas preparations

Friday 30.November 2018

I have been really busy participating at a lot of different Christmas Fairs the last weeks. My last one this year will be Sunday 2nd December in Surnadal.

As always I will have extended opening times in December here at my art studio Dalalåven, both evenings and weekends.
I have a lot of different stuff, so here you can find presents for that person that “has everything”, but also sensible things you actually use, that are also decorated with art, and naturally enough, I also have original paintings.
I also sell gift vouchers, these can be used on art merchandise, original art, and for workshops.
If you just want to pop by to have a peek at my art that is also fine!

My art studio is always open while I am here at work, so if the door is open you are welcome!This really means every day from now on till 22.December, -the opening times on the poster are really just the times outside my “regular” hours


Brand new Inga-merchandise

Tuesday 20th November 2018

I have been trying to expand the collection of my art merchandise for some time now, but these thing take time. For me it is very important that all of my merchandise is properky made and has good quality, I always want to see, try and check it all for myself. lso it’s not easy finding someone willing to produce small quantities for an indepent artist instead of just mass producing for large chains.

The very first mugs and note books arrived last week, and today I received bags, pouches and pillow cases.
Both in very small quantitiesm, as I needed to see and test everything for myself before I decide to order any large quantities.

These products are made in 3 different countries, Great Britain, Germany and the USA. None of it is mass produced, they make and print one item at a time, according to what is ordered. I myself have designed every item, how the painting og drawing is placed, if it is repeated, any background colour etc. My art comes in so many different formats that I have had to find the occasional creative solution while I have been working on this.
If you are considering getting any of my new products as a Christmas present or for yourself you can either pop by my art studio, or you can find everything online at Red Bubble. All of the merchandise I have there can in general be made with any of my paintings or drawings, so if you have a favourite piece of art you would like on a mug, a scarf, a bag, – or something else, and I still haven’t added that particular paintingt to this collection – well in that case, – do not hesitate to get in touch with me! I will sort it straight away.
It’s not easy knowing which product, size or motif will become a hit, so I value your opinion, please let me know what you prefer, or would like!
Take a look at my shop here at Red Bubble 
Just click on a painting and then you can see which products has that design. if you scroll to the bottom of the page, where it says country and change from $ to ‚ā¨ all the measurements will change from inches to cm.
And don’t hesitate to contact me and ask if you have any questions!

Pillowcase 45 x 45 cm and Pillowcase 40 x 40 cm. There is also a 50 x 50 cm size. And naturally with whatever painting you would like
Small pouch 15 x 10 cm and medium pouch 24 x 15 cm There is also a large pouch at 31,5 x 21,5 cm
Tote bag with lining in 3 sizes. Big bag 46 x 46 cm  Medium bag 41 x 41 cm and small bag 33 x 33 cm 
Here you can see the lining og the bags. This is the small one 33 x 33 cm 
Medium studio pouch, 24 x 15 cm. Big enough to be a pencil case, a toiletry bag or a small handbag. You can fit your sungklasses, mobile phone and various other bits and pieces here 



Small pouch 15 x 10 cm, this is perfect for some make up, a pen, some money etc.

New merchandise

Wednesday 14th November 2018
Hoooraaaayyy! The first parcel with some of my new art merchandise arrived today! The rest is still in custom, but on it’s way.
Just pop by my art studio if you would like to see them live!
A lot of you people have asked me about prices, ‚Äď I am sorry that this has taken some time. But I have had to read up on rules for import, taxation, custom, various shipping costs as some of the merchandise is made in Germany, some in the UK, and some in USA. Not easy for an artists brain who‚Äôd rather be creative and make stuff instead of doing office work!
BUT it looks like I am starting to get a grip on it all now, so here are some prices, ‚Äď with pictures and stuff!
All prices here are in Norwegian kroner. On the web site everything is in dollars or Euro, just pick what you prefer.

This is NOT massproduction, everything is made on order, with my art, according to my designs.
I try to add new paintings and drawings every day, so the collection is ever increasing!
if you would like something made with a piece of my art that isn’t here yet, just get in touch and I will fix it!

You can find my entire Red Bubble collection here
(If you scroll to the bottom where it says country, and change from¬†$ to ‚ā¨ all measurements will automatically change from inches to cm!)

New Inga merchandise

Thursday 8th November 2018

I regularly get questions about new art merchandise, if or when I will make product with your favourte painting on, if I’ll ever start selling T-shirts, cushions, bags, etc.
So decided I needed to do something about it!
I now have a new sales channel through Re Bubble with a lot of new Inga merchandise, including many motifs that I’ve never had on products before! (and I will be adding more)
Take a look at the selection here, you can find everything from mugs to bags, scarves, cushions, mobile covers, clocks, and much more.
If you don’t want to shop online yourself please get in touch and I can order in what you want.
I am currently waiting myself on my first shipment, so I will have a small selection from here at my art studio pretty soon
But I would also like to hear from you which motifs and which products from this selection would you like?
So please check it out here

Portrait drawing

Monday 5th November 2018

This is the season for portrait commissions!
Here’s my very latest drawing, I haven’t had time to post it as yet, but I hope the customer will be happy when she receives it.
This is a pastel drawing, approximately A3 size.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in ordering a pencil-or pastel- drawing of yourself or any of your loved ones,- that includes both people and pets of course
All I need is a photo or two, so just e-mail me photos to
You can find this drawing and other portraits in my portrait gallery here

Gunn Marit, pastel drawing

Pumpkin carving workshops

Wednesday 31st October 2018
The last few weeks have been all about pumpkins, which is quite normal for me this time of year.
I have had pumpkin carving workshops various places in the country, the season started with a workshop for the Association of Children with Heart Defects. Then I had one in Kristiansund, before I finished with 2 workshops in one day here at my art studio in Rindal
All of the workshops were fully booked, and I have received several bookings for next year. I have received requests for pumpkin carving workshops for adults with more time to learn advanced techniques and maybe also enjoy a glass of wine while they are working.
If you would like me to come and have a workshops were you live please get in touch and we can discuss the possibilites
Here are my latest jack-o-lanterns

David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth
my twin sister Elin, who was murdered 31st October 1996
Kiefer Sutherland as the vampire David in the movie The Lost Boys

Some pictures from the various pumpkin carving workshops:

Lots of pumpkin lanterns made at the workshop for Children with Heart Defects


Some of the pumpkin lanterns made at the workshop in Kristiansund
3 of the pumpkin artists at the workshop in kristiansund


Young pumpkin artists outside my art studio; Dalalåven Atelier

A few of the many pumpkin lanterns made here at the workshop at Dalalåven Atelier
Some of the pumpkin artists outside my art studio Dalalåven Atelier

New coasters

Thursday18th October 2018

I’m currently waiting excitedly for a laaaarge parcel. As I am expecting a delivery with my brand new coasters from my collaborators,¬†√Öry AB¬†in Sweden any day now
I’ve run out of a lot of my old motifs on coasters, but 4 new ones are just around the corner!
The coasters are handmade in Sweden, they are made of birch, measures 9 x9 cm, and are dishwasher-proof.
They are already in my web shop and will be packed and sent off as soon as I get them delivered here at my art studio

My 4 new coasters
coaster¬†¬ęJust let go, just be¬Ľ
coaster¬†¬ęAlways burning brightly¬Ľ
coaster¬†¬ęMy furry friend¬Ľ
coaster ¬ęDance like nobody‚Äôs watching¬Ľ
All of my 11 coasters


Small painting of horse

Tuesday 9th October 2018

I have just finished this oil painting, this is fairly small, only 25×33 cm, and the price is 4 900,- Norwegian kroner (+ postage)
When I was a young art student, I had a big art poster of the famous artist Theodor Kittelsen’s picture of the Norse water spirit “N√łkken” in the form of a white horse in my bedsit. I loved the timeless, mysterious fairytale mood of it.
My horse is probably not a water spirit, but I wanted to give this painting a slightly timeless fairytale feel, but with a strong woman (not one of these fairytale princesses that just sits there waiting for a prince).
I don’t think I’ve painted a horse since primary school or therabouts, so I am just hoping this is of an acceptable standard for all of the horse lovers out there!

pumpkins, pumpkins and even more pumpkins!

Monday 24th September 2018

Last week was  all about pumpkins for me. As  had my very first pumpkin-lantern-exhibition!
Iam used to having exnibitions, but it’s usually art exhbitons with paintings and drawings! This is kind of weird and nerdy, but also a lot of fun
I started off carving Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, which was all of 6 1/2 hours with just carving. That made me realise I really ought to limit myself a bit more, and go for something more basic.¬† But when you’re a creative person and think stuff gets boring if it’s too easy… well..
Here are the 6 pumpkin lanterns I managed to carve in that time, they were all exhibited at LianDagen  2018 in Trondheim yesterday.

Pennywise from It
The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland


The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
Gollum from The Lord of the Rings ring (“My prescious!”)
The famous painting American Gothic in my version where I combined it with Frankenstein and his bride
A Jurassic Park inspired dinosaur pumpkin



Market Day at Bj√łrnli and in Trondheim

Wednesday 12th September 2018

It looks like next week will be hectic and fun!
On Saturday¬†22.september¬†I will be at Bj√łrnli in Meldal at their big Market Day, called¬†Torvdag p√• Bj√łrnli.¬†There you can find everything from art, crafts, a fleam market, a farmers market, and fun and games. My stall will be inside, and we are open from¬†11-16

On Sunday 23rd September¬†I will be at something called¬†Liandagen 2018 in¬†Trondheim from 12-15. This is a day for food and to honour people working with food. There will be awards, but also fun, games, local food fro sale, a talk around the bon fire. And I will have a Jack’o’lantern exhibition! I will alsohave a demonstration¬†of how to make fun and scary pumpkin lanterns for Halloween.¬†And we will share ideas of what to make with all the leftover pumpkin.
A pumpkin lantern exhibition needs more than just a few Jack’o’lanterns, so I am getting a special delivery with pumpkins in a few days, and next week i believe I will just have to leave my paint brushes and focus on my carving skills!
Untill then, here’s a couple of pictures from last year!

Pumpkin carving workshops and lecture

Sunday 2.September 2018

Autumn is here, which means I have startes thinking about pumpkins!
A lot of people have missed my localpumpkin carving workshops here in Rindal the last few years. Unfortunately I haven’t had time as I have been booked for workshops all over the country and have been on the road with my pumpkins that time of year.

But that’s about to change, So there’s finally a pumokin carving workshop here at¬†Dalal√•ven in Rindal again, – Sunday 28th October at 2 pm and one at 4.30 pm
This is suitable for everyone from about 5-100 years old if you ask me!

Due to limited space you have to book yourself a place!
There’s an event on Facebook which you¬†can find here

The 24th October I am havin a pumpkin carving workshop at Vårres  in Kristiansund.

You need to book yurself a place there to, so reserve your space by getting in touch with me:
tel: 4157 9523















It looks like I’ll be gooing to kristiansund on several occasions this autumn. will be cooperating with V√•rres in Kristiansund. 10th October is World Mental Health Day, and I will be¬†having a talk at V√•rres.

I am also going to have a painting class there, but we are not entirely sure about the date as yet. But I will keep you posted!

2 new paintings and market day in Kristiansund

Thursday 23.August 2018

It’s been ever so busy lately at my art studio. I finished a fairly big painting I have painted on commision yesterday. And today I finished a small one painted on Egyptian papyrus-.
I will take the latter with me to Kristiansund this weekend, where I will have a stall at¬†Nordm√łrsk Gatefest i Kristiansund.
You will find my stall in the tent for artists and crafts people behind the old school, Langveien ungdomsskole.
Opening times for Nordm√łrsk Gatefest
‚ÄĘ Saturday 25.August ‚Äď kl. 11.00 ‚Äď 16.00
‚ÄĘ Sunday 26.August ‚Äď kl. 12.00 ‚Äď 16.00

The Fire of Our Passion, oil on canvas, 67×100 cm, painted on commission
A Lifetime of Love, oil on egyptian papyrus, 23×32 cm

New paintings with cat and book

Monday 6th August 2018

I have just finished two new oil paintings, one on cavas and one on Egyptian papyrus. Both have themes that are important in my lfe; cats and books.

My beloved cat Fr√łya loves to curl up as close to my face as possible for a cuddle. And the one of the most soothing calming sounds I can imagine is the purr of a happy and content cat.¬†I really wanted to paint that mood.¬†The painting is¬†50×50 cm, it’s oil on cavas, and¬†the price iskr 12 400,-¬†

The other painting is about books. I have always loved books and readng, and I take a book with mewherever I go. I read everywhere and anywhere. On public transport, while queueing at the airport, at the hairdresser, while eating, in bed. I really can’t imagine¬† a life without books!
It suddenly dawned on me that all of my pevious paintings and drawings with books had an autumn or winter-mood. So I needed to sor that out, as  naturally also read on the beach, while sun bathing, in my garden, and by the lake!
So I made a summery reading-painting, this is an oil painting on¬†Egyptian papyrus, it’s 32×42 cm, price kr 7 800,-

My Furry Friend

New small pastels for big art fair

Wednesday 25.July 2018

I am really excited and looking forward to exhibit at Norways biggest Art & Craft fair this year: Rennebumartnan.  This is at Berkåk 10.-12.August. In addition to having my own stall with paintings, drawings and my art merchandise I will have a life drawing class, free of charge, at the outside stage on the Saturday at 2pm. If you are interested in taking part please contact me at
I am currently painting and drawing all hours of the day to get everything finished in time, I have finished these 3 pastels this week. They will be framed with non-reflective art glass like all of my originals

New painting with hands

Monday16th July

It’s been crazy busy lately, but I have to mention that we had an art auction during the Summer Exhibition, and that we ended it all with an art lottery where the winner was Stine Sveen Fl√•tten.
You can see more about this at my art page at facebook

I have finished another small painting. And I am working on commissions and some other stuff towards taking part on some big fairs in August. I will have a stall at the biggest art and craft fair in the country;¬†Rennebumartnan¬†and I will be at¬†Nordm√łrsk Gatefest¬† in Kristiansund.

Opening of the annual Summer Exhibition

Sunday1st July 2018

Thank you ever so much to all of you who came to the opening of the Summer Exhibition yesterday to see Nathan’s photos and my paintings. It’s truly amazing that so many people showed up, – it was jam packed at times, and didn’t calm down till around 17.30- FANTASTIC, – and something we both truly appreciate!
Don’t forget though, – we are open everyday 12-18, last day is Sunday 8th July.
Here’s some photos from yesterday!

Midsummer feast with unveiling of a toilet-door-painting!

Sunday 24th June 2018

I do love a bit of crazy madness, so it’s usually pretty easy to get me to join in on weird ideas and prosjects. So when several crazy people get together a painting on commission can suddenly turn into a big outdoor party with the unveiling of a toilet-door, an entire pig roasted over a bath tub and people swimming in a freezing cold lake
I love unusual commissions, so when Morten Muus Falck asked me to paint the door of the toilet at his cabin in the mountains i thought it was a brilliant idea! I had to get a ride with a snowmobile to get there and look at the door before I said yes though.
The challenge was to paint something that fitted into this very old national romantic cabin with several old door paintings, – but still be my art and in my style
He was so happy with the paintings that he wanted “everyone” to see them, so we agreed on having an unveiling, it started small, but then we got the Lord Mayor to come and do the formal stuff, some musicians to play and all that, – it was an unforgettable midsummer feast!

Hands and romance

Wednesday 13th June 2018
I’m working hard on finishing new paintings for the summer exhibition here at Dalal√•ven. I have just finished the final brush stroke on this one now
The Title is “I feel safe when you’re holding me near”, it measures 54×57 cm, it’s oil paint on canvas, and the price is 13 500 Norwegian kroner (including frame)

Some passion

Wednesday 6th June 2018

I have just finished a brand-new painting!
I felt it was about time for some passion again, and preferably combined with getting the opportunity to paint hands.
I’ve called this picture “in see my future in your eyes”
This is oil on canvas, and it measures 65×28 cm, – naturally it will get a tad bigger when the it’s framed (but it’s still narrow enough to fit just about anywhere in most peoples homes)
The price is 10 600,- Norwegian kroner
I see my future in your eyes, oil on canvas, 65×28 cm

Kitties and puppies

Sunday 3rd June 2018

I discovered that I have forgotten to share my newest paintings! Two small pictures painted on Egyptian papyrus.
As an animal loved I felt it was about time to make some new pictures that show the unconditional love between us and our pets.
Both of these measure 38×30 cm frame included.
The one with the cat is already sold, but the puppy is still available for sale. price 4 900,- Norwegian kroner

Friends for Life
Devoted Companion

Florence and local Cultural week here in Rindal

Monday 28.May 2018

I am painting as usual here at my art studio today, but then it will be closed here the rest of the week

Tomorow I am gtting on a plan to Italy, to take part in an art exhibiton called “Languages of art” at¬†Galleria360 Arte contemporanea¬†i Florence¬†
The weather is apaprently better here in Norway than in Italy at the moment, but I am sure I can handle that, especially since the big Chianti wine-festival Mostra del Chianti di Montespertoli is on at the moment! ??
On Wednesday I have an interview with an art critic, and the opening is on Thursday, Saturday I’llbe back here at work, I have a group that has booked them selves in for some life drawing.

I wil be checking both facebok and my e-mail when I can, so if there is something don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will have normal opening hours next week. All orders in my web shop will be packed and sent when I get back

After I return from Florence I will focus on the local Cultural week here in Rindal, as there’s only one month left till the opening of the big Summer exhibtion here at my art studio. Both¬†Nathan W. Lediard¬†and I are realy looking forward to this!
The opening is on saturay 30th June, the red carpet will be out and there will be champagne and plenty of ar everywhere! As always we will be open every day till Sunay 8th July

Art Calendar for 2019

24th May 2018

I have spent the day at the printers Fagtrykk Trondheim AS, Рwere we have started the printing of my art calendar for 2019 
As always there was quite a bit of adjsuting, colour discussions, testing, printing again etc, but we got there in the end. I got one calendar with me home, the rest will be here on saturday ūüôā

Kunstkalender for 2019

Commission of hands

30.April 2018

I have finally finished this painting now! It is 58 x65 cm and is painted on commission.
This commisson started with me being sent a few photos, I asked if it was possible for me to meet “the models” and take my own photos which i could work from. Which was no problem, and quickly organised. I have to say it made this project even more fun and personal.
The models are in their late 90s, and as they said “hadn’t really done any modelling before!” but they rose to the challenge even though they didn’t even know anything about this, – and we trulyhad a blast!
Later, they came here to visit me at may art studio and watched me working on it.
I am usually not lost for words, but I really didn’t know what to say when he looked down on his hand, then looked up at the painting I was working on, and then looked down on his hand again and said he thought the painting almost looked more real than the real thing.¬†Just thinking about that still makesme happy!
Now it’s off to the framers, and I hope that both the couple who are buying it, and the lovely models will like the finished piece!
I also really love this frame, and think it suited this painting. I have lots of different frame samples and am happy to help you find the perfect one


the painting with frame

Street market in Kristiansund

29.April 2018

I have spent the weekend on a big fair called “Nordm√łrsk Gatefest” in Kristiansund, 27.-28.April 2018.
There were lots of other artists and crafts people exhibiting here, and a separate farmers market too. In addition there was plenty of entertainment, concerts, and Nordic Light Photo Festival was also on,  so a brlliant weekend!
I am already looking forward to the next one in August.

Painting on old door

Tuesday 10.April 2018

I have just finished these paintings on an old door today.¬†I would like to thank Morten Muus Falck for a fun and different commission!¬†This door belongs in an old log cabin at the lake R√łrvatnet. And I am really looking forward to seeing what it will look like when it is mounted back where it belongs.
The owner has planned an unveiling party when the door is back and the roads are snowfree and open again!
This is all painted wth oil paints, and the pictures have a fairytale-theme.

The middle panel has a picture of the Norse forest spirit Huldra running into the forest
The bottom panel has a troll-theme
The top panel has fairies dancing in the mist of a lake


Detail of the panel with huldra


The book is finaly here!

Friday 6th April 2018

HOORRRAAAAYYY!!! My book finally arived today!
I have to say it was a really special feeling to finally be able to hold a copy in my hand!
There will be a book launch Tuesday 17th April at 17 at Rindal skimuseum.
I have already put aside copies for all of you who have pre-ordered, and if not, – you can find it in my web shop.
The pages are large, 35×25 cm, as the format of the pictures was important to me.
This book is only available in Norwegian.
The price is 330 Norwegian kroner (+ postage)

I would like to thank the author Gunn Marit Nisja, the photographer Terje Visnes for the cover shot, Anunatak for design and layout, Fagtrykk Trondheim AS for printing. Per Heimly and Lediard Foto as who has taken several of the photos inside.
And of course my cat Fr√łya who has been patient while her human has been occupied with the computer, scanner, old photo albums, e-mail and phone at all hours for a long time now.
And to all of you who are actually in this book, even though you might ot now it as yet…

Book launch for “With palette and polkadots”

Tuesday 3.April 2018

There will be a book launch for¬†“Inga Dalsegg – med palett og polkadotter” (Inga Dalsegg – with palette and polkadots) at
Rindal skimuseum Tuesday 17. April at 17-19.
I will have a lecture about my journey through grief and depression and the long and winding path back to life.
This will be followed by book signing and sale.
The museum cafe will serve coffee and cake.
There’s an¬†event on facebook here

will receive the shipment from the printers early next week.
The book will naturally also be for sale in my web shop and at my at studio. If you would like your copy signed please write so in the comment section when using my web shop!

The cover fresh from the press

With palette and polkadots

Thursday 22nd March 2018

I have had an exciting day working wth the excellent people at the printers Fagtrykk Trondheim AS today
After several months of hard and intense work and countless late nights this projectis no longer a secret. And I am able to see the finishing line!
After Easter¬†“Inga Dalsegg ‚Äď med palett og polkadotter.” (Inga Dalsegg – with palette and polkadots) will be fresh from the printers and ready for sale.
This is part biography part art booklet, and very personal. So instead of having to writ some sort of review myself I am choosing to quote the company tha has made the layout and design; Anunatak. On their web site the have written;
“A bookabout¬† adramatic life stor and an exciting art journey”
I will keep you posted with more information as soon as I have a date! 

The colours are measured and checked
The very firsts sheets are being printed
The sheet with te correct colours have been stuck to the wall
Fagtrykk in Trondheim
The finished result

Anniversary sale on art photos

Tuesday 20th February 2018

I have my 20th anniversary as an artist now in 2018. I figured that’s an excellent occasion to dust off the cobwebs and dig out some of my slightly different art.
I toured with an art exhibition with black and white photos in 2001. They were a story of love, I combined photos with poetry and quotes, and was both model and photographer.
All of the photos are 51x76cm.
There is only one of each photo, and still have 36 of these originals.
I am now selling them!
None of these are framed, only stuck on foamboard. But I am happy to arrange framing if you would like that. Many of these also have a poem or quote that belongs with them.
Price per photo is 2 500 Norwegian kroner (+ postage and/or framing)

If you are interested you will find more of these in the photo gallery here 

Unfortunately the quality of the pictures of the photos isn’t perfect, as none of these are digital photos, so I have now just had to try to get half decent pictures of very shiny photos. Here’s a little taste

First animal portrait of the year

Monday 5th February 2018

I ended 2017 with painting a portrait of a cat, and now I have finished one of two cats. Even though I have never met these two lovely kitties, or their humans, I feel like I have gotten to know them really well during the process. Now all that is left is framing before I ship this down south to it’s new home.
This is oil on canvas and it’s 53×65 cm
I paint and draw a variety of motifs on commission, if you are interested just get in touch for a chat about various possibilities and prices!

Tassen and Lita, oil on canvas 53 x 65 cm
Detail of painting; Lita
Detail of painting: Tassen

The Dream Grant

Saturday 19th January 2018

I feel proud and honoured to once again have been given the task to be a member of the national visual arts jury of Dr√łmmestipendet (the dream grant). This is usually a very intense job, but at the same time it is very exciting to see all the amazing art being created by youth from all over the country!
Adam Douglas is the leader of the jury this year, we will all spend a week in Trysil in March to do the jury work. You can read their presentation of me on the web site of¬†Dr√łmmestipendet here

First painting of the year in 2018

Friday 18th January 2018

I have just signed my first painting this year! That is always a special feeling every year somehow, I even remembered to write 2018 straightaway, not bad.
This is a small oil painting on canvas, it’s only 30×25 cm, and the price is 4 900,- Norwegian kroner (including frame).
I have called it “The Magic of New Beginnings”
Once again, the motif is hands, I just love the contrast between young and old hands! And contact across generations is also so very important. I hope you like it!


Birthday calender

Thursday 11h January 2018

I have spent the day at the printers in Trondheim today, starting the printing of a new product. When you run your own small business it’s always nice to get the opportunity to work togeher with someone else. I have been wanting to create something with my friend the author Gunn Marit Nisja for a long time, and now it’s finally happened!
We have made a birthday calendar, with my paintings and her text/words of wisdom. It can be handy to find the birthdays of your loved ones somewhere else than just on Facebok!
This is a product that never goes out of date, it lasts forever,  so you can enjoy it year after year.
It measures 21 x 21 cm, and I will have it in stock at some point next week. You can buy it directly from my art studio, here in my web shop, or from Gunn Marit Nisja. The price is only 155 Norwegian kroner. So a perfect little present for a friend, or just for yourself!

The front page of our birthday calendar
Every page has one of my paintings and some words of wisdom written by Gunn Marit Nisja
At the printers in Trondheim looking at different paper qualities and the colours
The back side of the birthdaycalendar
Me with a test print of the birthday calendar

Happy new year

Sunday 31.December 2017

2017 is almost over, among the highlights of the year for me was being invited to attend the big art fair in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and to represent and present Rindal Ski Museum at the European Museum of the Year Award in Zagreb. The commissions I received in 2017 were very varied, just to mention a few; I made parts for a church organ out of ancient parchment, carved Donald Trump in a pumpkin, and painted both songs, dreams and cute cat protraits for customers.
I have already received a few commissions for 2018, and I look forward to a creative, imaginative, funny, exciting and eventful 2018!
I wish all of you a happy new year, fill it with who and what you want, make the most of it, take some chances and last but not least; have a lot of fun!
Happy new year everyone!

My last painting in 2017

Friday 29th December 2017

I started 2017 with painting a cat on commission, and ended it painting another cat for a customer!
I really appreciate it when I get to meet and get to know animals I am commissioned to paint. This cat, Busk, was a delight, I totally fell in love with him. It was so obvious he knew I only came to visit purely to admire him!
This is oil on canvas and it’s 50 x 33 cm
I have also included a photo of the painting after it was framed, I thin this lovely majestic cat suited this ornate gold frame.
I have a large slection of frame samples her at my art studio, and am happy to help you find the perfect frame when you buy art from me

Cat on papyrus

Friday 1st December 2017
New Painting, just finished, right here and now.
My cat loves people reading! Every time she sees me sitting down with a book, she comes running, as books mean a lap to cuddle in. A lap that’s going to sit down for a while, and therefore has time to combine this with stroking and cuddling a purring cat. So at my house, I never read alone, we always read together.
This is a small oil painting painted on Egyptian Papyrus, I have called it “All a Girl Needs”, it measures 23 x32 cm, and the price is Nkr 4 700,- (including frame)

All a Girl Needs

New painting on Egyptian papyrus

Wednesday 15th November 2017

I just finished this painting now! This is oil on Egyptian Papyrus and it measures 32 x41 cm. The price is 6 300,- kroner (price includes framing)
I think old hands are beautiful, they tell a story about a lived life. I really enjoy myself when I get to paint this type of hands, Also I don’t think i will ever tire of the combination with old and young hands.
Happiness as a child can often be to curl up in the lap of a grandparent or great-grandparent, where you find both safety and someone who has time for you. I have called it “Keeper of Memories”

December opening times

Saturday 11th November 2017
As always I keep my art studio open for Christmas shopping in December.
This year I am open Wednesdays from 16-20 and 11-15 on Saturdays and Sundays
Here at Dalal√•ven Art Studio you can find something for everyone, from cheap art cards to expensive oil paintings. if you are looking for a present for someone who has everything you have come to the right place! I sell art candles, coasters and trays with my paintings on them, but also art ties. If you can’t afford a painting, what about a framed art card? Or the art calendar for 2018?
The barn door is wide open and the open sign is up whenever I’m here working, so naturally, you are also welcome at other days and times, no matter what month it is! WELCOME!

New art candle

Friday 10.November 2017

I just received a test print for a new art canddle, which is always exciting! The motif is the painting “The dancer” which I originally painted with oils on Egyptian papyrus.
The candle makers are busy producing these for me now, they will be in stock around the middle of next week. I will add them in my web shop as soon as they are available!

Christmas fair-season is here

Sunday 5th November 2017

I am painting as much as possible these days, as I am hoping to finish some small pictures soon, as all the Christmas fairs are just around the corner!
You will find me at Rindalsmessa 2017 11th- 12th November and for the first time I am attending Meldal husflidslag Christmas Fair at Storås 18th-19th November. And then Juletorg på Skei Р2017 Sunday 3rd December.
I am sicking with the tradition of keeping my art studio open for Christmas shopping in December, so I will stay open every weekend and some late evenings here at Dalalåven art studio in December.

A photo from last year, me at Rindalsmessa 2016

Pumpkin carving workshops

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Here are some photos from the pumpkin carving workshops I have had this year. I have already received som bookings for next year!I really love the fact tha this is an activity suitable for all ages and levels, I have had participants aged 4-85 years old, and they have all carved nice pumpkin lanterns, just look at these pictures!
Please do get in touch with me for information about prices and available dates for next years pumpkin season.

Titi Suru and Donald Trumpkin

Monday 30th October 2017

Here’s my two most recent pumpkins, a nice one of the hunky wolf Titi Suru from the musical Rock’n’roll wolf.
And the scariest pumpkin I have ever carved; Donald Trump. This was a commission.
Sometimes you get a commission you just can’t say no to, even if you really don’t have the time. When¬†Frode Haarstad Music¬†from Oppdal contacted me last night and asked if it was possible to order a Donald Trump pumpkin said I yes straight away. Even though I couldn’t fin a decent sized pumpkin anywhere locally and it meant working till really late on a Sunday.
I have carved a lot of weird, fun, creepy and scary pumpkins through the years, but never before something as scary as this guy here…. So here’s my Trumpkin, and as he probably would have said¬†
¬ęI have the best pumpkins. The greatest. Everyone agrees they are the best. They’re YUGE!I hate Halloween. I cannot recall ever saying anything bad against Halloween, I mean, I love Halloween! I‚Äôm just saying, no one can do better Halloween than me. I put the H i Hallo and the W in wiener.. hold on. One year for Halloween I dressed as a taco. I mean, there‚Äôs something scary about tacos. And I was amazing. I was the ultimate taco. This year I‚Äôm going as a wall. I will be the most awesome wall, built with a lot of pricks. I mean bricks. Tough bricks. I‚Äôm gonna make Halloween great again! Grab it by the.. pumpkin!¬Ľ

Titi Suru from the musical “Rock’n’roll Wolf”
Donald Trumpkin, scariest pumpkin motif ever in my opinion

Pumpkin lanterns

Sunday 15th October 2017

Perfect Saturday evening for me; a glass of wine and a pumpkin!

Pumpkin season is finally here! I honestly get really really excited about this every single year! I am a pumpkin-enthusiast!
When I return from the art fair in Paris I am going to have pumpkin carving workshops first for the Association of¬†¬†children with heart disease in S√łr-Tr√łndelag, and then I am going to have one at¬†Fr√¶na School, arranged by the Gardening Asssociation at Hustad.
I have been drowning in work lately, so I promised myself earlier this week that when I finished everything I needed to do I was going to make some time for myself to just have fun, enjoy myself and play around with carving some pumpkins.
I started off with somwething fairly quick and easy yesterday, and made the witch from Snow white. I had a lot more time today though, and as a keen fan of Game of Thrones I decided on making the Night King.

Commission painting and Art Fair in Paris

Saturday 14th October 2017

I just finished a paitning on commission today, I have postponed all commission for a while as I have focused on getting as many pieces as possible ready for the Art fair in Paris next wek.

“The Magic of a hot bath”, oil on papyrus, 32 x 41 cm

I have also spent quite some time packing all the paintings and drawings for Paris. I am not leaving untill Thursday, but the art needed to be packed now as there’s a fair bit of practicalities to sort out before then, paper work, customs, shipping etc


A busy October month

Monday 2nd October 2017

This coming weekend, 6.-8.October I will be exhibiting in Oppdal at the big autumn festival there, Fjell og Fårikålfestivalen. In a couple of weeks I am off to France, with my paintings, as I am exhibiting at the big Art Fair Art Shopping in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris 20.-22.October. So currently I am just trying to get as much as possible done before then. Here are two of my new paintings that will be shown in Paris.
You can see both of these paintings in a larger format in the Emotions and feelings-gallery

A Magic World. Oil on dark Egyptian papyrus, 34×43 cm
Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head. Oil on canvas, 50 x 36 cm

New painting ready for Paris

Thursday 14th September 2017

I’m almost completely sold out of paintings painted on Egyptian Papyrus, so I am currently working on getting that sorted out!
I just finished this painting now, it’s 23 x32 cm and is painted on papyrus.
I really do think old hands are beautiful, I feel it’s like they tell a story, a story about life. I really enjoy painting hands like these.
As a small child happiness can be as simple as curling up int the lap of grandparents (or great-grandparents) – people who have time to be there for you.
I’ve called this painting “safekeeping”, and will be exhibiting it at¬†Art Shopping¬†in Paris next month. It as already been reserved by someone wanting to buy it if it doesn’t sell in Paris.
If you want to see it in a larger format just click your way to the hands and feet gallery.

Here you can see the logo and invite for the guests to Art shopping in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris October 2017. I am really looking forward to taking part, to meet so many artists and to see all the art, they are expecting 20 000 visitors this weekend.

New painting and exhibition in Halsa

Tuesday 5th September 2017

As someone once said “Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.”
I have always liked that quote, and it was my main inspiration when I started on this painting.
This lady in red has her own opinions though, so this picture turned out very differently from my plan! Somehow she got control, and Ijust ended up painting her the way she wanted to. This painting is 25 x 33 cm, and I plan to exhibit this at Art Shopping in Paris next month.

But before Paris there’s Halsa!¬†This Saturday, 9th September, I will be exhibiting at¬†Bygdadagen i Halsa 2017. There’s going to be so much happening, with a great variety of artists, concerts, shows, Farmer’s market, local crafts and so much more to look at, take part in, experience, and buy!
I will bring paintings, drawings and art merchandise and am really looking forward to an eventful day in Halsa! Hope to see you there!

New paintings, commissions and other

Thursday 24th August 2017

I have been painting like mad lately, there’s just been so much to do with commissions and work towards this art fair in Paris in October. I have been s busy that I forgot to update here with my new paintings, but better late than never and all that:

The two smaller ones on top are for Paris, and the larger paiting at the bottom was painted on commission

Love Yourself First, 25×36 cm
The Beginning of all Things Wonderful, 25×30 cm
That Glowing Feeling, 93 x 140 cm, painted on commission

Life drawing for hen party

Saturday 19th August 2017

I’ve had a visit from a lovely bunch of ladies here today, they came for a life drawing class at the start of a hen party. There was plenty of laughter and fun, and it actually even resulted in a few really nice drawings! After arriving on a red carpet, and a few hours of fun and drawing they moved on to a day of activites with the company “iTrollheimen” followed by a stay at a local cabin.

Alwas fun to arrive to a red carpet

Art fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

Monday 31st July 2017

I have been invited to exhibit my art at Art Shopping in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris 20.- 22. October.
This is a huge art fair which is held twice a year. The location is excellent, as it is held in the area under the famous glass pyramid by the Louvre.
Both galleries and artists exhibit there, and I have been invited to have my very own stall.
Now I need to figure out how many paintings I can take with me as special luggage on a plane, and I need to find time to paint something particularly for this, even though I have plenty of commissions to paint.
This event attracts a lot of visitors, as you can see from the photos here. Here is a video from last years event, look at those crowds! I am really looking forward to it all!

Another commission

Tuesday 25th July 2017

I don’t seem to get any summer holiday this year either, instead I am busy painting at my art studio. I just finished this painting on papyrus today.
The title is “Kom og hold meg, bare hold litt rundt meg” – which is from a Norwegian song. It means “Come and hold me, just hold me for a while”.
I have painted this on commision, and there is a lot of symbolism here; personal experiences, dreams, favourite colour, favourite song, longings and more, has all become a part of this painting.
Now it just needs to dry for a bit before i take it to the framers, an then ship it off down to the south of Norway to its new home.
I really appreciate these type of commissions, and feel priveliged to have such fantastic customers. It can be quite emotional sometime when strangers open up and tell me their personal life stories and ask me to paint it.
If you are interested in getting a painting just for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch


Fairs and workshops

Saturday 29h July 2017

As many people have been asking where they can find me the next few months, here’s a list of some events.
Saturday 9th September I wil be at Bygdadagen i Halsa 2017 where I will both have an art exhibition and sell my art merchandise.
Friday 6th-Sunday 8th October I will be have a stall at the big fair in Oppdal; Fjell- og Fårikålfestivalen. I will bring both my art and art merchandise.
Towards the end of October my focus tends to shift towards pumpkins! I will have pumpkin carving workshops both for The Association of¬†Children¬†with¬†Heart¬†Disorders (Foreningen For Hjertesyke Barn S√łr-Tr√łndelag) and¬†for The Hustad Garden Society (Hustad Hagelag).
I have not decided if I have time for a pumpkin carving workhop at my art studio in addition to these.
I will also be going to Paris to have an art exhibition there in October, I will get back to yu with more information about that later!

The Dancer

Sunday 16th July 2017
This Sunday morning was spent painting the final brushstrokes on “The Dancer”.
This was panted on commission, it is painted on Egyptian papyrus and is 33 x42 cm. The subject is the song “Danserinnen” (The Dancer) by Norwegian artist √Öge Aleksandersen.
The start of the song goes like this
“She is dancing lonely to Help me make it through the night On the radio. She sings so beautifully. Sips to a glass of wine with lipstick marks on. She lets life play While sunny days quiet move past her on the video, While she whispers sorely, I miss you so much ”
Now it’s off to the framers with this painting before she gets to meet her new owners.
Do you have a favorite song you’d like to get painted? Please feel free to contact me for a talk about prices, format and ideas

New candles in stock and in web shop

Thursday 13th June 2017

My new art candles arrived today. Several people have popped by the last couple of weeks to look at the test print candles an ask when the new candles will arive.
In addition to the brand new motifs I have also received large candles with the painting of Huldra and of the couple in the sunset. I have only had these two candles as the smaller version, but as more andmore people have asked if I can have them made in a larger format I have now sorted that.

For all of you who cannot get to my art studio have a look at my web shop where you can find all these new candles and plenty of other art merchandise too.

New Inga-art candles and this years Summer Exhibition

Sunday 9th June 2017
I received test prints for new art candles this week, they are now currently under production and will be available for sale, from my web shop and my art studio, around the middle of next week.
Both of the motifs were originally painted on Egyptian papyrus and the originals have been sold this week.

When new merchandise is on it’s way in something else has to go out. So I have had a proper tidy up in my shop and am currently selling out some art candles at sale with 50% off.






Today is the very last day of this years summer exhibition here at my art studio.
I am really impressed by the amount of people that have travelled really far to come here to see the art of Anne Margrethe Hjelvik and myself!
A lot of paintings and drawings have sold, some of the pictures were sent home with their new owners early in the week, as this was people that had travelled far.
I had intentions of trying to get some painting done myself, but due to the amount customers this has been impossible. But there’s always next week!

Guests from Texas

Thursday 22nd June 2017
I have had a group of 12 people from Texas visiting me this week, Professor Don Huebner from Texas State University with his students. They had travelled around both Iceland and the big cities of Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim) before they came to my art studio here in Rindal. I always appreciate groups visiting me, and I have to admit it is something extra special about the visit when people travel so far to come here.

The guests from Texas tasting local craft beer at my art studio Dalalåven

The guests from the States spent 3 days here in Rindal. And thanks to local team work they got to see a lot more than just my art. They went on a troll hike in the mountains called Trollheimen (the home of the trolls), where they were served an entire menu of troll food prepared over bon fire. They also got to swim in nature’s own water park, and were entertained by song and troll stories. All of this thanks to G√łran Bolme from iTrollheimen and Britt Grete Moen from Furkunnjmat.Naturally they got to spend some time at my art studio hearing about my work while they were served a local craft beer. This was combined with a press conference so they were interviewed by all of 4 newspapers! They also had a guided tour at Rindal Ski Museum (which was nominated for The European Museum of the Year in 2017), and the photographer Morten G√•svand showed them photos both of the trolls in the pine forest and from his many travels.

I really appreciate being able to work with local firms and people to be able to offer something extra to tourists visiting Rindal. If something like this could be of interest to you please get in touch!

Me with some of the students from Texas
Professor Don Huebner from Texas State University with me at my art studio
our camp on the troll hike in Trollheimen. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a bon fire eating warm food after swimming in cold mountain water
Swimming in Nature’s own water park
G√łran Bolme from iTrollheimen and Britt Grete Moen from Furkunnjmat gave the guests from Texas an unforgettable day in the mountains

Two tiny little paintings

Monday 12th June 2017

I have made some small drawings lately, and decided to try to paint some small pieces too. I have actually never ever before painted such a small canvas as the one to the right here! There’s a first time for everything I guess. For some reason I have found it easier to make small drawing and small paintings on papyrus, so it was about time to challenge myself a bit and try to make one on a canvas too. I don’t think it’s the last one.

“Freedom”, oil on papyrus, 20 x 30 cm
“Gracefulness”, oil on canvas, 22×27 cm

Art Calendar for 2018

Friday 9th June 2017

I spent most of Tuesday at the printers in Trondheim, adjusting colours and overseeing the printing of my art calendar. Today all the boxes with the Inga-Calendars for 2018 arrived!
I am so pleased they arrived before the big Summer exhibition that opens here 1st July.
With13 pieces of art for only 280 kroner this is a present I know a lot of people appreciate! And naturally, you can buy it in my web shop here!

here you see the 13 pictures in my 2018 calendar
The Inga Dalsegg Art calendar for 2018


Here you see all of my art calendars, from 2014 up till today

Photo shoot with Per Heimly

Friday 2nd June 2017

I had a photo shoot with the amazing photographer Per Heimly earlier this year. I have now put the photos in a separate gallery here on my web site. This way they are accessible as press photos.
If you would like to have a look just click here on Photo shoot with Per Heimly
Here’s two of the photos

4 small drawings

Thursday 1st June 2017

I have made 4 small pastel drawings this week, these are all tiny, and drawn on coloured pastel paper

Eye of the Storm
All the Way for You
Scent of Spring

New paintings and market day

Wednesday 10th May 2017

It has been fairly hectic lately, last week I was in Zagreb in Croatia on a mission for Rindal Ski Museum. But I am back in my art studio now, and have managed to finish some new work. here are two new paintings.
Saturday 27th May¬†you can find me at the market day at V√•rs√łghelga in Surnadal, my stand will be inside the Cultural House, I will bring both paintings, drawing and a selection of my art merchandise for sale. There will be a good selection of art, crafst and local food there. We are open 10-15, – welcome!

“Poetry in Motion” oil on canvas, 68×90 cm
“Just Let Go, Just Be” oil on papyrus, 23×31 cm

Summer exhibition with Anne Margrethe Hjelvik

Thursday 20th April 2017

I have invited the artist Anne Margrethe Hjelvik to this years Summer Exhibition here at my art studio during the local Cultural Week.
Anne lives in Rygge, but she is originally from Molde. She works with acrylic paints, her palette covers all ranges of colours and shades, from the lightest shades to the brightest most vibrant colours. She paints landscapes of the soul but gets a lot of inspiration from the landscape on the coast here in Norway.

As always my own oil paintings on canvas and papyrus, my drawings and prints will also be exhibited alongside the ones of Hjelvik.

I believe this years Summer Exhibtion will have something for everyones taste, – you’re all welcome!

You can find more information and several pictures of Anne’s art on the¬†Facebook-event here
The opening is Saturday 1st July at 13. Last day of the exhibition is Sunday 9th July
Open every day from 12-18. except Saturday 8th July when we open at 10 due to the local Market Day

Market day in Kristiansund

2.April 2017

I participated at an annual market day in Kristiansund yesterday, this is the 3rd year I am a part of this. The entire city was really buzzing with people yesterday so it was a great day for all of us at the market!
A great day with art, crafts and a local farmers market. I am already looking forward to next year!

Painting on a door

Thursday 30th March 2017

I have had a lot of commissions this year, which is something I really do appreciate.
I just finished another one today, a painting on a door.
As you can see this door has finished it’s life as a door, ¬†and will now become a painting hanging on a wall.
It’s always great fun to receive unnusual commissions like this one. The door is 79 x 195 cm

close up

Large commission

Tuesday 14th March 2017

I have just finished my biggest painting of the year so far., I always enjoy getting commissions with some size.
This painting is 82 x 120 cm. I’s been quite some time since i have painted a nude, so I really enjoyed working on this commission. I have called the painting “The Sound of Silence”

New Art Cards

Thursday 16th February 2017

Making new art merchandise is always an exciting process. I have recently had a bunch of test prints made for new art cards. The 3 art cards you see below are now being made and will soon be in stock both at my web shop and here at my art studio.
I am also eagerly awaiting a parcel from L√łiten Lys, Norway’s largest candle factory, as test prints for new art candles are on their way to me.

Life’s Simple Pleasures
Into the Sunset

Cat portrait

Friday 27th January 2017

I have just finished this painting of the cat Pusur today. It is oil on canvas, and 65 x 45 cm. I was lucky enough to get a visit here at my art studio from Pusur and his owner yesterday. Getting visit from animals I am painting is not a regular occurence, – so I truly enjoyed this! It was great fun to actually get to meet the cat I have spent weeks studying and painting!
You can see larger photos of this painting in both the Commissions gallery and the Portrait gallery.
If you have a pet you would like to have a painting og drawing of please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

Detail of the painting of Pusur











This was Pusur’s first visit to a proper artist studio, he seemed to find it all very interesting and had a good look around before he agreed to pose next to the painting of himself!

Pusur visits my art studio Dalalåven Atelier and checks out the progress on the painting of himself

First painting of the year

Sunday 8th January 2017

Here’s my firs painting of the year.
As I am nearly sold out of paintings (and drawings) with hands so I think the motif is just right this time (hands again! I imagine some people thinking now!)
I have called it “For Life”, it is oil on canvas and 52×42 cm without the frame

Happy New Year!

Saturday 31st December 2016

2016 was an eventful year for me – as always there has been both ups and downs, – such is life after all.

I’ve worked with medieval techniques and learned a lot about quillls and parchment, I have had the pleasure to receive some very unusual and special panting commissions, I have held more pumpkin carving workshops than ever before, my car has been lucky enough to get covered with polka dots, I’ve hiked to all of 16 local mountaintops for the first time, I have tried ice bathing, and so much more.
Anyway, I am looking forward, and I am hoping for a creative, exciting, fun and imaginative 2017!
I am wishing all of my friends and acquaintances a great new year, fill it with what you need and want, make the most of it, take some chances and have fun!
Happy new year everyone!


Happy Yuletide

Satuday 24th December 2016
I wish all  of my customers, followers, partners, family and friends a very merry Christmas, Рor a happy Yuletide as I like to call it!


Papyrus with cat

Thursday 1st December 2016

I have now finished another painting on papyrus, and had it framed too. Sigmund Freud is behind the title this time! He said “Time spent with cats is never wasted”
I really like that quote, and I couldn’t agree more! This painting is based on personal experience, I really appreciate a quiet evening at home with my cat, so I settled on Freud’s quote for the title. The size of this painting, including the frame is¬†56 x 45 cm
For the first time ever I have also added a photo of this painting framed.


taking photos of pictures framed behind glass is usually a nightmare, but as you can see it was not a problem in this case.
I settled for framing this (and several other pictures) with anti-reflective artglass. This glass also has UV protection which protects your piece of art. Plainly said; this glass is tailor made for art! It is “invisible” and ensures neutral reflection colour and helps prevent your art from fading. It preserves the true colour, texture and beauty of framed artwork. Being anti-reflective your picture gets the attention it deserves instead of reflecting the sun or a lamp.
This type of glass does cost a bit more, but in my opinion it is truly worth it!

Here’s another of my paintings framed with artglass

Small papyrus painting with hands

Friday 18th November 2016

My goal for this week is reached, – as I just finished this small papyrus painting. It is painted on Egyptian papyrus, and is quite small, it measures 22 x 31 cm. Naturally it will become slightly larger when it is framed.
I haven’t settled on a title as yet, I need to think about longer on that one.
I am currently also working on another painting on papyrus and one on canvas, so keep checking in, as there will be several new paintings added here before Christmas!


Yuletide opening times

Wednesday 16th November 2016

As previous years I will be keeping my art studio open some evenings and weekends in December.
The opening times before Christmas will be
Thursdays in december 16-20
Saturdays and Sundays in December 11-15
(last day will be Thursday 22nd December)

IThe OPEN-sign is always up when I am here working, so as always, – if you see I am here, feel free to pop in at any day or time!


4 new pastel drawings

Wednesday 9th November 2016

The local fair Rindalsmessa is this weekend, I will have a stall there, like I always do. I have been working on making some small drawings for this, and trying to finish them in time for getting them framed so I can bring them along at the weekend!
You can find all of these in a larger format in the Emotions and Feelings-gallery

The Important Things in Life
Inner Pain


Come Play in the Woods
Come Play in the Woods
Star Gazers

Pumpkin carving workshops

Sunday 30.October 2016

I held 2 pumpkin carving workshops this week

The firstone was at √Ö in Meldal. This was mainly adults. It was a brilliant evening, everyone was so eager and excited, there was constant activity, and they also served pumpkin soup and foccacia.
I had a great time, but unfortunately I was so busy I forgot to take photos while everyone was carving. At least I did get some pictures of the result though!


8 pumpkin lanterns at √Ö in Meldal
Yummy pumpkin soup and foccacia
The 4 youngest participants at my workshop at √Ö










The second workshop was for the Association of Children with Heart Disorders. It was a lovely day with very excited children. The youngest ones here were only 4 years old. They started the day at my art studio Dalal√•ven Atelier before we ¬†started on carving pumpkins. They had also hired in √Öse B√łrset to do face painting. So full on halloween mood!

Thank you for booking me,a nd thank you to all of you who came to my workshops!


Youngpumpkin carvers with their lanterns
Lots of action at the workshop for The Association of Children with Heart Disorder
Me explaining and showing what to do
Lots of pumpkins carved at the workshop for The Association of Children with heart Diorder

This years first pumpkin carvings

Sunday 23rd October 2016

We’re nearing the end of October, and as always my paint brushes gets to rest a bit while I spend most of my time at the art studio but with pumpkins and knives instead of paints and brushes.

This far I have carved 3 pumpkins, here you can see 2 of them; Maleficent from the movie with the same name (played by Angelina Jolie) and the octopus Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

I will probably make some more this week, as I like to get the most out of the short but hectic pumpkin season!

This week I am looking forward to having a pumpkin carving workshop at √Ö in Meldal (where I am booked by the local garden society) and one for the Association of Children with Heart Disorders.

A lot of people have contacted me to ask when I am having a pumpkin carving workshop at my art studio this year, I am really sorry, but there is just not enough time due to these other bookings.

I have already been booked to hold workshops a couple of other places in the country for next year, but hopefully my schedule will allow a pumpkin carving workshop at my art studio then anyway!

 maleficent ursula


Brand new commission

Monday 17th October 2016

I just finishd yet another painting on commission today.
This painting has taken time, a lot of time. From the very first discussions last spring, via all of my initial ideas, then sketches, and so this.
I do not believe I have previously ever had such  regular contact with a customer during the process of a painting.
Colours, meanings,thoughts, feelings, atmospheres and symbolism have been discussed, evaluated, felt and left to sleep on. And Ihave certainly never photographed a painting so much before it is finished, – but as the custiomer lives far away that was the best solution this time.
We made it though and it feels lovely to know that I have made someone very happy and excited about getting this particular painting up on their wall!

The painting is oil on canvas, it is¬†80×64 cm, and I have called it “Depart the Earth and Kiss the Sky”

If you are interested in getting a special painting mde just for you lease do not hesitate to get in touch for a cht about the possibilities!


Two new commissions

Wednesday 5th October 2016

I have made a lot of commsions this year. I get the impression people belive that it’s mainly large companies who commision paintings, but that’s certainly not the case with me. The majority of commisions for both paintings and drawings are ordinary people who would like a picture especially made for them. A picture where ehy can decide both colours, motif and format.
I have just finished two commisions in oil paint on Egyptian papyrus. Both of these painting are approximately 43×63 cm (there are no straight angles or edges on a piece of papyrus, so all measurements are very approximately)
The painting to your left is calles¬†“Precious Treasure” while the one to the righs is “Into the Sunset”.
You can view both of these in a larger format in the Commisions-galleryinto-the-sunset

Nine lives for Inga

Sunday 2th September 2016

If you missed the chance to hear the interview with Fr√łya and me on the radio this morning it’s stll not too late.
NRK has posted their article online, and in that you can also find the link to hear the interview.


Fr√łya the cat has stopped Inga Dalsegg (41) from endig her life several times. Inga doesn’t want Fr√łya to be left alone in her house with her dead body, without the possibility to understnd why she isn’t alive anymore.
Fr√łya has spent the nigt outside and is tired, she is curled up asleep on the sofa inside a small yellow house in the centre of Rindal. She is getting her black shiny fur brushed by Inga, while she is purring loudly.
Read and hear the rest here.

Hear me and my cat Fr√łya on the radio

Saturday 24th September 2016

NRK radio visited med recently, and for the first time ever I can actually say that BOTH Fr√łya and I were interviewed!
Fr√łya seemed to enjoy all the fuss and attentin, and contributed with loud purring, eating cheese and posing for the camera all at the journalists request, while I mainly took charge of the talking.
The interview will be broadcast on the program “Mellom himmel og jord” at NRK P1 tomorrow, Sunday 25th September.
The show is from 09:03-11, and we will bein the latter half, sometime after 10am.
There will also be an article online on NRK’s web site, which probably will be posted tomorrow morning.


New oil painting

Wednesday 14th September 2016

I have just finished another painting.
I imagine a lot of people recognise the feeling of having a bad day, a seriously shitty day. But it’s just not the time and place for that, so you certainly cannot show it. You have responsibilities, maybe you have a job where you have to be service minded and keep smiling.
For me that sort of situation feels like this painting. There’s an enormous contrast between the outer facade and your inner feelings.
You focus on keeping the facde, get through the day. Smile, be polite, chat, do all the stuff you have to do. While inside you just want to scream and shout out all your frustration/ despair/ anger/ grief, – whatever it is. But you cannot allow those feelings to show until you get home….

I have called this painting “The Struggle Within”, it is 70×51 cm, oil on canvas, and the price is Nkr 13 600,-. You can find it in both the Emotions and feelings-gallery and the For sale-gallery.

NRK Radio

Friday 9th September 2016

Norways biggest radio station, NRK Radio, has spent the day here with me today.
This interview even required the involvement of my cat Fr√łya!
I feel sure I can say my cat has never before experienced so many probing microphones or been photographed so much in one day before, – she even had to eat some cheese on command!

I don’t know a lot yet, the main interview will be broadcast on the program “Mellom himmel og jord” and there will probbaly be something on their web site too.
I’ll get back to you with more iformation as soon as I know more

Norwegian Hiking Festival

Monday 5th September 2016

If you don’t have any plans for Saturday you should consider a trip to Rindal and Norwegian Hiking festival (Norsk Vandrefestival).
My art studio Dalal√•ven Atelier is open 11-16 on Saturday, – it’s only a stone’s throw away from the festival area. Here you will fond both art and art merchandise. There is a¬†Facebook-event here

At 17 I am changing from artist to leader of the public bathing, – you can join me
nav-inne-2for a lovely swim at out local lake Igltj√łnna! You can join me in swimming across the lake (approximately 350 meters) or just come along for a quick dip. The sauna at the lake will be heated at the time, so you also get the opportunity to use that. The swim will be bfore the festival dinner fo course


Next event is naturally a proper festival dinner!
At 19 you get served a course festival dinner cooked by celebrity chefs who are amazing at outdoors cooking. In addition there will be music, fun, awards and a lot more in the big festival tent.
I am certain this will be an unforgettable evening, so come along to Rindal 10th September!

Mental Health Blog

Thursday 1st September 2016

As some of you may know I have a blog here on my web site, – unfortunately I don’t have the time to translate it, so it is only visible on the Norwegian version of this web site. In addition to this blog I have recently also had a few blogs published on the Norwegian Mental Health Organizations web site.
At the beginning of August they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in having my own profile on what they call “Psykobloggen” – a blog with focus on mental health. So far they have published 4 of my blogs.
I have to admit that I am greatly honoured that they want to publish my writing.
You can see my profile on their blog here


Norse forest spirit

Wednesday 31.August 2016

I just finished this painting of huldra today. (Huldra is a seductive forest spirit from Norse mythology.)
I don’t tend to paint ¬†a lot of nature, but naturally one does make exceptions for special regular customers.
This is one of those commissions where I was given complete freedom, the only thing that was set was the size of the canvas and where it was going to hang.
This painting is oil on canvas, it’s 60 x 100 cm, and the title is simply “Huldra” (which unfortunately doesn’t translate). In the not too distant future she will be leaving my art studio to move in at the cabin of her new owners.
If you would like to see this in a larger format you can find it in the Commission-gallery



Tuesday 23rd August
Hooooraaaayyyy! Today it’s 2 years since the big opening of my art studio Dalal√•ven Atelier. I have decided to celebrate by giving all of you a 25% discount in my web shop.
Just add the code “JUBILEUM16” to your basket and 25% will get deducted. This offer is valid to the 30th August

145534-DSC_2230 jan-16

Summer loving

Friday 5th August 2016

I have just reached my goal for this week by finishing this painting for the weekend.

Sun, sand, water splashing, a proper summery picture.
This one is called Sand Between Our Toes, it’s oil on canvas, 38x74cm, and the pice is Kr 12 200,- (including frame). You can find it i both the Hands and Feet-gallery and the For Sale-gallery
Sand Beween Our Toes


Dark papyrus

Monday 25th July 2016

I have just finished another painting on papyrus, it’s been a while since ¬†last had the chance to paint one that wasn’t commissioned. This is one of the very few ones I have painted on dark papyrus.
The painting is called “Safe Haven”, it’s¬†41×31 cm (size not including frame).
The price is Nkr 4 500,- (including frame, as with all of my paintings) You can find it both in the For Sale-gallery and in the couple-gallery.
Safe Haven

New art cards

Friday 22.July 2016
My new art cardshave now arrived.
The cards can be bought from my websop and from me at my art studio.
There are 6 new motifs, here you can both see the new cards and a picture of the new and old ones together. The collection of Inga art cards now total 18 cards
6 nye kort

Books and magic

Sunday 17th July 2016

I have just finished another drawing.
I have always been a book worm.
Books are magic to me, they take you to new places and exciting worlds where anything may happen!
A good book can make me laugh out loud, gasp with fear, cry, – and just utterly enjoy myself.
When I am reading I am somewhere else, the worries of everyday life disappear, because I am there, in the middle of the story. This has been known to drive my loved ones to various levels of annoyance as they struggle tomake contact with me…
The itle of todays drawing is therefore
The Magic of Bookes.
It is 22x33cm, and when it has been framed the price will be Nkr 4 000,-

The Magic of Books

Several new pastel drawings and one oil painting

Thursday 14th July 2016

I have been making several small pastel drawings lately, all of them on coloured paper. I have also finished an oil painting (fairly large). Some of these have already been sold. You can find all of these in a larger format in their respective galleries here on my web site.
The unsold ones are all in the For-sale gallery with more information about sizes and prices

Life's Simple PleasuresMe TimeMorning Thoughts Summer Night Joyful ReunionIn Her Own WorldPlayful Melody

Exhibition opening at Dalalåven

Sunday 3.Juy 2016

Yesterday we had the opening of my annual Summer Exhibition here at my art studio . Both Elin Rindahl Steiro and  are truly happy that so many people, from all over the country, ame for this occasion. The place was really jam packed for 5 hours!
The exibition will hang till Sunday 10th July, and the main theme is people meeting nature.
There has also been a lot ofpeople here today, and a fair bit of the art work has been sold

2016-07-02 11.29.25IMG_0003IMG_0001IMG_0002

New Art merchandise and exhibitions

Monday 27th June 2016
I have just now added 3 new pieces of Inga-art merchandise in my web shop!
I am currently awaiting the delivery of these new coasters, they are now being made at √Öry Trays in Sweden, and will be in stock here in the middle of July. The one to the right is called Dusk and the one to the left Spring.

In addition I have recently approved the test print of my 2017-art calendar. The calendar will be in stock this weekend, so from Saturday on I can guarantee that it will be availbale both in my web shop and here at my art studio.

On Thursday 30th June at 17:30 I am opening my exhibition as festival artist at the Kibneb-festival in Lensvik. The opening times will be as follow
Tohursday 30. June 17:30 ‚Äď 19:00 (opening)
Friday 1. July 15:00 ‚Äď 17:00
Saturday 2. July 12:00 ‚Äď 15:00

The Summer Exhibition here at Dalalåven Art Studio opens Saturday 2nd July at 13:00. Here you will see both my art and the art of Elin Rindahl Steiro, she will also be here for the opening.
Opening Saturday 2.July 13:00
Last day Sunday 10.July
Open every day12-18. Except Saturday 9th July where we open at 10 due to the local market day


festival Artists at the Norwegian Salmon Festival

Monday 27th June 2016

Myself and the sisters Gjertrud and Tanja Heggem were the festival artists at the Norwegian Salmon festival last weekend. The gallery at Surnadal Cultural House were jam packed with art and art merchandise, and all three of us are very pleased with the result as more than half of the art were sold!
2016-06-26 12.22.46


Hen party and anniversary visit

Sunday 19th June 2016

Yesterday I had 2 groups visiting my art studio.
The first one was a hen party. There was a good deal of laughing and fun while a bunch of ladies got a life drawing class! Some of them even discovered unknown artistic skills.
The second visit of the day were celebrating an anniversary, 40 years since they left Rindal School in 1976. A lively and interested group who were ever so pleased with arrival on a red carpet. They enjoyed Cava, strawberries and art, purchased quite a bit of art merchandise and got the story behind the parchemnt project I am working on.
They even rolled up the red carpet for me as they left, excellent service from my guests there I have to say!

Welcome back anytime!
40-års jubileum-240-års jubileum

Group bookings at my art studio, Dalalåven Art Studio

Tuesday 14.June

strawberries and drinks for the guestsThe red carpet is out and I am ready to welcome my gueste

This morning I started my day with the job of rolling out the red carpet, and fixing some strawberries and fizzy drinks.
Reason being I had a boking of 20 people arriving early, as part of a day out with the company they work for. They actually thought they were going fo a day of lectures, instead they were surprised and got to start their day wit a stroll up my red carpet, art, strawberries, fizzy driks and aguided tour by me. They ended up doing som art merchandise shopping too.
A lively and interested bunch, brigt and early n the morning, thank you so much to everyone from NAV for your visit today!

Guests from NAV visiting me at Dalalåven Art Studio

Guests from NAV visiting me at Dalalåven Art StudioGuests from NAV visiting me at Dalalåven Art Studio

A couple of weeks ago Sunndal and Surnadal Rotary came for an evening visit, they had booked both a sightseeing and a meal here at Dalalåven Art Studio, and had a very nice evening here if I say so myself.

I take bookings from groups of friends, teams, clubs, companies, stag nights, hen parties and what not, – so if this could be something for you please do get in touch.
And as long as it isn’ pouring own with rain I always roll out the red carpet for booking like these.

Guests from Rotary visiting me at Dalalåven Art Studio

Me welcoming gueste on the red carpet outside Dalalåven Art StudioThe red carpet is out, and my polkadot car is arked outside Dalalåven Art StudioGuests from Rotary visiting me at Dalalåven Art Studio


New Commissions

Wednesday 8th June 2016

I have received a lot of commissions lately. Some of these I cannot post photos of yet as the buyers are waiting to give them away for special occasions. But here are photos of two private commissions I have finished recently.
You can find larger photos of these in the commissions-gallery.
One of them is slightly unusual, it is a children’s chair, and I was asked to paint fun cartoon-like animals on it. There are more pictures of this chair from different angles in the Commissons-gallery.

In addition I have just finished a painting of a mermaid. This painting is fairly large, it’s 90 x 115cm. The mermaid is going to hang at a seaside cabin I have been told.
If you are interested in commissioning something special for yourself please get in touch for a discussion about possbilities and prices.Havfrue

Festivals and exhibitions this summer

Monday 6th June 2016

There’s quite a bit happening the next month or so, the summer is always a busy time of year for exhibitions and festivals.

I will be exhibiting at The Norwegian Salmon Festival (Norsk Laksefestival) in Surnadal Friday 24th-Sunday 26th June. You will find the art exhibitions in the Gallery at the Cultural House. I will also bring my art merhandise in addition to paintings and drawings, and be available the entire weekend for customers.
You can read more about art at the Salmon festival here.

I am the Festival Artist at the Kibneb Festival in Lensvik this year, Thursday 30th June-Saturday 2nd July. My exhibition will open at Gallery Kratstasjonen on the Thursday at 17:30. You can read more about the exhibition and see the entire Festival program here. They also have a Facebook event here.

Around the same time I am opening the Summer Exhibition with fellow artist Elin Rindahl Steiro at my art studio Dalalåven Atelier. The opening is Saturday 2nd July at 1300. This exhibition is open 12-18 every day untill Sunday 10th July


See me on the tv-program Norge Rundt

Friday 3rd June 2016

This evening I was on the tv-program Norge Rundt.

This was all filmed in my art studio in May, and it’s about the big project I am working on with the University in Trondheim. In this clip you get to see me working with a quill on parchment, and hear more about th story behind this document that is between 600-800 years old.
Norge Rundt is Norways oldest tv-program

Norge Rundt

NRK på Dalalåven









You can see the program here

Group exhibition at Dalalåven Art Studio

18th May 2016

In July the artist Elin Rindahl Steiro wil come to Rindal to have a group exhibition with me.
Last summer was the first time I invited other artists to exhibit alongside me here at my art studio. As it was a success I naturally have to follow up on that. The exhibition will be held during the Rindal Cultural Week.
Elin is an artist with a large variety both when it comes to motifs and techniques as you can see from the pictures here. She works with water colour, collography, drawing, and oil painting. I believe this years Summer Exhibition truly will have something for everyones taste!
Te opening is Saturday 2nd July at 13:00, and the last day of the exhibition is Sunday 10th July.
So make a note of the dates and come to Rindal!

akvarell av Elin R.Steiroakvarel på sandpapir av Elin R.Steiro akvarell av Elin R.Steirocollografi av Elin R.Steiro

With quill and parchment

Friday 6th May 2016

The tv-channel NRK visited me at my art studio on Wednesday. It will be broadcast on the news tonight (at 18:45). There will also be a longer film clip sent on the tv show “Norge Rundt” (around Norway), but I am still not sure which date.

NRK på DalalåvenOn the photo below yoiu can see me and Professor Lise Randeberg at the Gunnerus Library in Trondheim, on the table you can see an old document, this is from the period year 1200-1400.

We are currently cooperating on a project, and this document is the reason why I have been working with a quill and on parchment for some time now.

This project is a cooperation between The institute for Chemistry at NTNU (Emilio Catelli), Institute for Electronics and Telecommunications at NTNU (Professor Lise L Randeberg), The University Libraryat NTNU (Victoria Juhlin) and me.

We are working with this fragment from an old document whic we know very little about. We believe it to have been made in the period  year 1200-1400.
NTNU have scanned this document with a hyperspectral camera. The information from this scanning has helped us find out a greta deal about the pigments and binders used. But as they know so little about how it has been made they decided to find an artist to help them make a reproduction. And that is where I came into the picture!

They are unsure about the methods used to mix the pigments, the tools and the techniques. A scanning of a reproduction can help them understand better if they have guessed correctly when it comes to the process and the materials. And thereby give them a greater understanding and bring them cloes to find out more about the document itself, where it comes from and when it was made.
Maybe the rest of the book this fragment comes from still exists somewhere in the world?
Can this project help us find it?
This is almost like looking a  for the missing piece of a treasure map!
And I myself think it is very exciting to be a part of this project.
Here is how my working days are looking like at the moment!

arbeidsbordi aksjon

The county’s most sexy car?

Wednesday 14th April 2016

My car has been through a serious upgrade today, to match me a bit better! I am extremely happy with it myself, and I have to admit that even ater just a few hours I already love my car a lot more!
The fab dsigners at Anunatak have made the design, while the foil has been put on by the local company EB Video
With polkadots, eyelashes and on the side I am hoping I neer have to search for ours to find my car at a parking lot again, or once again actually open the door and sit down in th wrong car! nd of course, a roling businss card is good marketing too.
HelfigurInga Dalsegg bil ingr

Photo: Eva S R√łnning, Trollheimsporten

The newspaper Trollheimsporten was present when I picked up the car this afternoon, and to quote them “Inga Dalsegg never does anything by halves. Not even when it comes to getting ¬†car. When the artist bought her first car it had to be made into something unusual”
Read the est of the article and see more photos in the article at Trollheimsporten here

Market Day in Kristiansund

Tuesday 12th April 2016

On Saturday, – 16th April, – I will be having a stall at the Market Day in Kristiansund. This Market is an annual event in the spring which is only for local art, craft and food fromt he region Indre Nordm√łre. I will mainly bring my art merchandise, as this is outside.
I look forward to it, and hope for a nice sunny spring day!

Here’s a few pictures from last years event
Torgdag-Kr.sund-15Kristiansund 1

Drawing of horse

Wednesday 6th April 2016

After having recently painted a dog and made a couple of drawings of owls, I have now just finished a pastel drawing of a horse. I never thought that would happen to be honest.
This one is called “Secret Whispers”, it is 32×48 cm, and already sold to a customer in London.
(it actually sold about 2 mins after I finished it, always a joy when that happens!)
You can find it in the Commissions-gallery
If you are interested in commissioning a drawing or a painting from me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Last but not least, a thank you to the models Ragnhild Klock and her horse Melizza!

Secret Whispers

Owls and dogs

Wednesday 30th March

Some of my customers are so nice, in addition to being extrenely good customers, that they are able to talk me into all sorts of weird stuff ūüėČ
This time the result is that I enden up making two pastel drawings of owls, – not at all the kind of thing you expect to see me make. Both of these drawings are 32×48 cm, and you can find them in the Commission-gallery
2 ugler
Owls isn’t the only artistic thing I have done for the first time lately. I have also painted my very first dog.
Cats have been sneaking into my drawings and paintings for years now. And a lot of people have been asking me if I won’t make any pictures with dogs soon.
That resulted in a painting on papyrus with a dog.

I would like to thank the lovely and charming Gordon Setter Chablis who did an excellent job as my model, and her owners Trine & Kenneth! below here you can see Chablis at work as an artist model here at my art studio.

The painting is called “Loyalty” and you can find it both in the gallery for hands and feet and in the For sale-gallery

Marathon Day

10.March 2016

Yesterday was really an exciting, intense, fun, touching, eventful, and long day.
I feel lucky to have been booked to hold a lecture at the Cultural Conference at Sunndals√łra. I don’t think anyone left there without having felt both moved, touched and inspired.
.Inga holding her lecture at the Cultural Conference 2016

After that I drove straight to L√łkken to have a stall at Ladie’s Night at Winter Noise in Meldal. The place was jam packed, and this truly was an evening of non-stop action, with a good mix of fun and seriousness. A brilliant evening, and all the money from this event went to cancer research.
Inga at her stall at Winter Noise in Meldal

I have to say I truly feel lucky to get invited to so many great events.
I was so tried while driving back home though, and ended up playing the same song on repeat the last 30 mins while singing along loudly!
Today i will unpack the unsold art merchandise and have a slightly calmer day than yesterday…!

Cultural conference, Winter noise and Dream grant

Tuesday 1.March 2016

Some days are just a lot busier than others, and Wednesday 9th March will be one of those.
First I will be at The Cultural conference 2016 in Sunndals√łra, where I will talk about how my art helped me through the grief and depression after the murder of my twin sister Elin
You can see the Facebook event here
This looks like it will be a day not to be missed!
Kulturkonferansen 2016

After I will drive to L√łkken to participate at Winter Noise in Meldal, – a cultural week with all sorts happening. There I will have a stall and sell my art and art metchandise at Ladies Evening in Meldalshallen. This is a fun evening for ladies of all ages, and the money from this event will go to The Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association cancer fund.
This evening there will also be a mannequin show, entertainment, a lot of people will have stalls selling all sorts of goods, and there is food of course.
Check out their Facebook event here

My plan for Thursday 10th march is to do slightly less, as this Wednesday will be 19 hours of work.

Sunday 13th march I will drive to Trysil to once again sit in the National Art Jury for the Dream Grant (Dr√łmmestipendet). This is a lot of work, but it is also very exciting, and i am looking forward to it! You can read more about that¬† Dr√łmmestipendet here

Dr√łmmestipendet 2016

Lectures, talks and stuff like that

Tueday 16th February 2016
On Wednesday 10th February I was the guest on “Hi there” at √ėra Kafe at Sunndals√łra. I was interviewed on the stage by Johan √ėiestad. It was an evening of fun, seriousness, and an honest talk about life. √ėra Kafe

On Thursday 11th February Rindal Craft Association had an evening with a guided tour and a talk here at my art studio Dalalåven Atelier. A lovely bunch of genuinely interested people with a lot of questions.Husflidslaget







Monday 15th February I returned to Sunnda, this time to the Rotary Club for a talk and a presentation of my art. Rotary 1 Rotary-3






If you are interested in booking me for a lecture, a presentation, a workshop, or a private event here at my art studio, – please get in touch!

Valentines and Mothers day

Sunday 14th February is both Valentines Day and Mothers Day here in Norway this year. So because of that I am opening my art studio
Friday 12th Feb 11-16 and
Saturday 13th Feb 11-15
here at Dalalåven Art Studio you can find art merchandise and cards suitabel for both your mother and your loved one.
I also sell gift vouchers.

As always you can visit me at other days and times too, – if the door is ajar I am there, – simple as that!


Variety of happenings

Tuesday 2nd february 2016

I am currently booked for a few talks and seminars, here’s some more information about where you can see me.

Wednesday 10th february I will be the guest at “Hello there” at √ėra Kafe at Sunndals√łra. Johan √ėiestad will interview me, this will be an evening of fun, seriousness, and an honest talk about life. They have a Facebook event for this here

On Thursday 11th February  have Rindal Craft Association booked an evening with a guided tour and a talk at my art studio Dalalåven Atelier.

Monday 15th February am I going to Sunndal Rotary Club. I will be having a talk and a presentation for them at Sunndal Cultural House.

Wednesday 9th March I am returning to Sunndal once again. This time to talk at the Cultural Conference 2016. For that event I will mainly focus on how my art helped me through the grief and depression after the murder of my twin sister Elin. Their Facebook event is here

These are very different types of events. If you are interested in booking me for any event, please get in touch!

Cultural conference 2016

Tuesday 26.January 2016

I will be participating at the Cultural Conference 2016 in Sunndal. I will tell my story about how the murder of my twin sister affected both my life and my art. “The art of living” is the 5th Cultural conference arranged by Sunndal council. It is in the 9th March at Sunndal Cultural House.
Jan Vincents Johannessen and Dagfinn and Mona Enerly is also participating, so I belive this will be a very exciting day.
As it says on thei web site “The subject this year is vast and exciting, and it should affect all of us. Facts and science, arts and sports. We are giving you powerful stories from real life, a lot of knowledge and great cultural events. This could easily be the best cultural conference so far. Welcome
Se more about the conference and join here
They also have a facebook event here
Kulturkonferansen 2016

30 % off art calendars. Photos of new portraits

Thursday 21st January 2016

I have just updated the portrait-gallery here with two pictures, – these are drawings I made a little while ago, but I could not publish them online until after Christmas as the people who commissioned them were going to give them away as Christmas presents.

Ole Kristian
Ole Kristian

If you are interested in commissioning me to make a portrait please get in touch, for pencil drawings in A3 format like these I charge kr 900,- if it’s for one person/one animal. For oil paintings the price depends a lot on the format, get in touch with me for more information.

I would also like to inform you that I now have a 30 % discount on my art calendar as long as stock lasts.
Use the code: jan-16
to get the discount here in my web shop
kalender januarsalg

First painting on canvas this year

Sunday 17th January 2016

I have just finished my first painting on canvas this year, – this one is called “Teach Me to Fly” and is 65 x 30 cm. Hands is something I always keep coming back to as a motif. This time I felt it was right to also paint the entore child though, – not just the hands.
You can find it in both the For sale album and the hands and feet album

Teach Me to Fly1

First painting of the year!

Thursday 7th January 2016

It’s always a special feeling to sign the very first painting of the year, – something i have just done now.
It’s an oil on dark papyrus, – and the title is “A Minute to Sleep, A Minute to Dream”, it’s 31 x 41 cm (just the papyrus, without frame). As with everything that isn’t painted on commission you’ll find this one in the For-Sale-Gallery.
A Minute to Sleep, A Minute to Dream

Happy new year!

Sunday 3rd January 2016

Happy new year!

The sale here at Dalalåven Art Studio has been a success, РI have sold 41 pictures in 4 days!
But I still have lots left, so the sale is still going.
You can also find it as an even on facebook, where I add new photos of the available drawings and prints every day, – the event is here
Everything is priced between 100-400 Norwegian kroner.
If you have any questions about any of the art you see there please do get in touch.
salg15 salg7 salg5 salg2

Sale at Dalalåven

Monday 28th December 2015

I have had a proper tidy up here at my art studio, and as a result I am now having a sale on drawings, prints and sketches. None of these are in my web shop, so the sale is only here at my art studio.
This is a good opportunity for a bargain on art, – everything is priced between 100 to 400 Nkr.



Christmas shopping

Thursday 17.December 2015

If you’re looking for Christmas presents or just would like to have a look at my paintings and drawings why not pop by Dalal√•ven Art Studio?
Here you’ll find a lot of different Inga-art merchandise; framed art cards, candles, trays, coasters and ties. I even sell gift vouchers.
And of course, – drawings and paintings!
I am open til 8pm today (Thursday 17.Dec)
Saturday and Sunday this week I am open 11am-3pm
My art ties have arrived too, if you would like a look at those.

Dalalåven Art Studio December 2015
produkter jul-15
Some of my art merchandise

Another papyrus commission

Thursday 10th December
I have finished another commission painted on papyrus today, – there’s been quite a few of those this year.
This is the hands of a grandfather and his grandson, the title is “Across Generations.”
The two of them came to my art studio, so we got to know each other a little, we all agrees that the motif should focus on hands. Then I had a little photo shoot with them, – making sure I got their hands in every angle I might need for painting. And this here is the finished result

You can also see this painting in the Hands and Feet-gallery

Across Generations

Errors in art calendar!

Friday 4th December 2015

I have unfortunately been made aware of some errors with the days and dates of Art my calendar for 2016!!!!
This was not discovered until last night. 1st January has become a Thursday instead of a Friday and June has 31 days instead of 30 ….
The company that makes my calendars and I are both very sorry, we truly regret this, – this is the sort of mistake that really should not happen!

New calendars with correct dates are now under production, they will be in stock here at my art studio by Thursday at the latest. If you have purchased one of my calendars please get in touch with me so you can swap it for a new and correct version!
If you are one of those who bought my calender through my web shop I already have your name and address, so the printers will send you a new version straight away!

Inga-Art Tie

Wednesday 11th November 2015

Today I received the very first Inga Dalsegg Art Tie! ūüôā
The tie is 100% silk, made in Italy, and they are all individually wrapped in cellophane bags.
This is a test tie, – which i have approved today, -according to the plan these art ties should be here at my art studio by mid-December.
The tie model you can see below is Ole Trygve Foseide, journalist from Trollheimsporten, he was very sporty and agreed to be my first tie model on very short notice!

Ole Trygve Foseide if√łrt Inga Dalsegg kunstslips¬† Inga Dalsegg kunstslipsInga Dalsegg kunstslips

New Inga-merchandise has arrived!

Tuesday 3.November 2015

ankomne pakker

Today 9 boxes full og Inga-merchandise arrived here at my art studio!

My new trays are 33x43cm,so larger than the old ones that are 28x36cm
The coasters arer 9x9cm, – whjich is the same size as the old ones. I will still sell these as a set of 4, – but now with the option of choosing freely between 8 different motifs.
All of these products are made by
√Öry Trays in Sweden. I am very happy to get to cooperate with √Öry Trays as this is a company renowned for the high quality of their products, ‚Äď as an example; they make these products for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Their products are all individually hand made from single sheets of finest birch wood, with no joints, so providing a high quality finish and longevity of use. All their trays and coasters are dishwasher proof. √Öry Trays are also ecologically friendly
In addition I have a new motif on my art candles, – these are made by L√łiten Lys Candle Factory as always. The motif is one of my recent papyrus paintings, and it has been printed on both small and large candles. The big candles have a diameter of 9,5 cm and the small ones 8 cm. Both sizes are15 cm tall.
I am really looking forward to bringing all of these new products to all the Christmas fairs! Connecting With You-begge
7th-8th November I will be at the Rindal Christmas fair as usual
Sunday29th November I will be at the Christmas Fair in Surnadal for the very first time
And on Sunday 6th December at the Christmas fair at Sunndal kultuhus.
I will bring both my art and my art merchandise to all of these fairs. I will also keep my art studio open on evenings and at weekends in December, except from when I am away at exhibitions and fairs! I will post more information about that later.
Naturally, you can pop by my art studio at other times, or use my web shop here on my web page. You can also read more about all of this on Trollheimsporten.

Successful pumpkin-carving-workshop at Ingas Art Studio

Sunday 1.November 2015

The pumpkin carving workshop at Dalalåven Art Studio on Thursday was both very busy, intense and great fun, Рwith people of all ages taking part. Thank you so very much to everybody who came!
You can read more about it all in Trollheimsporten and Driva.
Here’s a few photos from the evening, you can see lots more on my Facebook Artist Page
I was also interviewed about pumpkin carving and Halloween on the radio channel NRK P1 Friday 30th october.

Pumpkin carving workshop at Dalalåven Atelier with Inga Dalsegg
Everybody is focused and working on their pumpkin carvings
Pumpkin carving workshop at Dalalåven Atelier with Inga Dalsegg
Inga is helping Uma with her pumpkin
Pumpkin carving workshop at Dalalåven Atelier with Inga Dalsegg
Some are finished, while others are still working on their pumpkin lanterns
Pumpkin carving workshop at Dalalåven Atelier with Inga Dalsegg
Trine, Marianne L, Martin, Marianne B, Sol, Anne-Lene and Emma with their finished pumpkins
Pumpkin carving workshop at Dalalåven Atelier with Inga Dalsegg
Idun, Inga, June and Caroline with their pumpkins


And a few more pumpkins

Wednesday 28th October 2015
I have now finished another few pumpkins. Here you can see Edward Scissorhands, Captain Davy Jones from The Pirates of the Caribbean-movies, and Gollum.
The tv-channel NRK has made a short video, article and a step by step photo series with me and my pumpkins. Which you can see here
Tomorrow is the day of my big annual pumpkin carving workshop here at my art studio, – you can see more about that if you scroll further down on this page

Edward Scissorhand-2Captain Davy JonesGollum-ovenfra

The first pumpkins of the year

Sunday 25th October 2015

I have carved my two first pumpkins this year. To the left you can see Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare on Elm Street films. And to the right a Gremlin.
These two will be here at my art studio for you to see live if you are coming for my Pumpkin carving workshop on Thursday.
There’s still some places left for the 7pm session, the one at 4.30 is completely booked up.

Gremlin Freddy Kruegergresskarplakat-15