Florence and local Cultural week here in Rindal

Monday 28.May 2018

I am painting as usual here at my art studio today, but then it will be closed here the rest of the week

Tomorow I am gtting on a plan to Italy, to take part in an art exhibiton called “Languages of art” at Galleria360 Arte contemporanea i Florence 
The weather is apaprently better here in Norway than in Italy at the moment, but I am sure I can handle that, especially since the big Chianti wine-festival Mostra del Chianti di Montespertoli is on at the moment! ??
On Wednesday I have an interview with an art critic, and the opening is on Thursday, Saturday I’llbe back here at work, I have a group that has booked them selves in for some life drawing.

I wil be checking both facebok and my e-mail when I can, so if there is something don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will have normal opening hours next week. All orders in my web shop will be packed and sent when I get back

After I return from Florence I will focus on the local Cultural week here in Rindal, as there’s only one month left till the opening of the big Summer exhibtion here at my art studio. Both Nathan W. Lediard and I are realy looking forward to this!
The opening is on saturay 30th June, the red carpet will be out and there will be champagne and plenty of ar everywhere! As always we will be open every day till Sunay 8th July

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