New Commissions

Wednesday 8th June 2016

I have received a lot of commissions lately. Some of these I cannot post photos of yet as the buyers are waiting to give them away for special occasions. But here are photos of two private commissions I have finished recently.
You can find larger photos of these in the commissions-gallery.
One of them is slightly unusual, it is a children’s chair, and I was asked to paint fun cartoon-like animals on it. There are more pictures of this chair from different angles in the Commissons-gallery.

In addition I have just finished a painting of a mermaid. This painting is fairly large, it’s 90 x 115cm. The mermaid is going to hang at a seaside cabin I have been told.
If you are interested in commissioning something special for yourself please get in touch for a discussion about possbilities and prices.Havfrue

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