Artistic Travel Guide

Friday 24th January 2020

I have been looking forward to telling you giys about this for quite some time now!
In October I am going to be an artistic travel guide for the travel agency Smart Reiser on their trip “The dream of the Caucasus”
There’s a limited number of available places, so if you like the sound of this you better hurry up if you want to join us on an absolutely amazing travel experience!
We will be recreating parts of the famous Norwegian author Knut Hamsun’s trip to this region in 1899, to the wine country Georgia and Azerbaijan the country of oil sheiks.
The people here began to make wine 8 000 years ago, and the wine in Georgia is world class.
Here is some of what we are going to experience; wine tasting naturally, we will drive along the Silk Road, find historical traces of Norwegians (Knut Hamsun, author and Munch model Dagny Juel, Fridtjof Nansen etc.), we will see one of Thor Heyerdahl’s biggest discoveries (carvings of long ships with dragon heads), in addition to mud volcanoes, flame towers and burning mountains to name a few things!
Just reserve the dates 7th-14th October!
More info and prices here

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