New commission on Egyptian papyrus

Wedensday 27.March 2019

I have now painted the final brushstroke, and finished this commission.
The Title is ” Accept the past, embrace the future and live in the present”
Some customers and their stories leave bigger traces than others. This was a type of comission that made me think a lot and I was excited to start on it from we had our very first conversation about it.
I was actually so deep inside this story and picture that I felt sure my idea was right before I sent photos of my sketches and got a reply from the customer.
This painting contains both personal symbolism and history.
Both the new owner and I am aware that this probably will be interpreted and understood in several different ways, – which we think is fine.
The Picture is painted on Egyptian Papyrus, and is 34 x45 cm big.
And I know it’s going to a very good home, which is always nice to know!

Accept the past, embrace the future and live in the present, oil paint on Egyptian papyrus by Inga Dalsegg

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