The first kitty-painting of the year

Wednesday 5th february 2020
There is something special about the relationship we have with animals, for me that has always been important. Which is why this is a subject I like to paint. I remember that we had to write an essay about our best friend when I was in grade, I wrote about my auntie Vigdis’s dog Kaisa.
The most soothing sound I know of is the sound of a cat purring, for me that removes all stress and makes me able to relax. ?
I’m sure the kitty in my painting here is purrrrrrrrring loudly.
This is not painted on commission, so this painting can be yours!
It measures 25 x44 cm, it’s oil on canvas, the price is 8 600,- kroner. (=£717 /  $936 / €859) which includes frame (I will be taking this to the framers very soon )

oil on canvas, 25×44 cm, 8 600 Norwegian kroner

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