Papyrus with cat

Thursday 1st December 2016

I have now finished another painting on papyrus, and had it framed too. Sigmund Freud is behind the title this time! He said “Time spent with cats is never wasted”
I really like that quote, and I couldn’t agree more! This painting is based on personal experience, I really appreciate a quiet evening at home with my cat, so I settled on Freud’s quote for the title. The size of this painting, including the frame is 56 x 45 cm
For the first time ever I have also added a photo of this painting framed.


taking photos of pictures framed behind glass is usually a nightmare, but as you can see it was not a problem in this case.
I settled for framing this (and several other pictures) with anti-reflective artglass. This glass also has UV protection which protects your piece of art. Plainly said; this glass is tailor made for art! It is “invisible” and ensures neutral reflection colour and helps prevent your art from fading. It preserves the true colour, texture and beauty of framed artwork. Being anti-reflective your picture gets the attention it deserves instead of reflecting the sun or a lamp.
This type of glass does cost a bit more, but in my opinion it is truly worth it!

Here’s another of my paintings framed with artglass