Happy New Year!

Saturday 31st December 2016

2016 was an eventful year for me – as always there has been both ups and downs, – such is life after all.

I’ve worked with medieval techniques and learned a lot about quillls and parchment, I have had the pleasure to receive some very unusual and special panting commissions, I have held more pumpkin carving workshops than ever before, my car has been lucky enough to get covered with polka dots, I’ve hiked to all of 16 local mountaintops for the first time, I have tried ice bathing, and so much more.
Anyway, I am looking forward, and I am hoping for a creative, exciting, fun and imaginative 2017!
I am wishing all of my friends and acquaintances a great new year, fill it with what you need and want, make the most of it, take some chances and have fun!
Happy new year everyone!