Work hands

Sunday 13th October 2019

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a painting for some time now; old well-used work hands ptting on and lacing up a pair of scuffed work boots.
It has taken some time but I have finally added the last brushstroke!
I’ve called this oil painting “Work hands” it’s 52 x63 cm and the price is 15 500 Norwegian kroner, framing is included. (+ postage)
I hope this picture can bring up some fond memories and thoughts for some of you maybe about a grandfather, an uncle, or a father, – on the way out to do his share, to help out where it was needed, without any thought for his age.
I’ve never painted shoes before, just naked feet. And these shoes really really got to me, they were more troublesome than I would have thought. Who would have thought shoelaces were so complicated to paint?

work hands, oil on canvas
I framed it with an old style frame

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