The Dancer

Sunday 16th July 2017
This Sunday morning was spent painting the final brushstrokes on “The Dancer”.
This was panted on commission, it is painted on Egyptian papyrus and is 33 x42 cm. The subject is the song “Danserinnen” (The Dancer) by Norwegian artist Åge Aleksandersen.
The start of the song goes like this
“She is dancing lonely to Help me make it through the night On the radio. She sings so beautifully. Sips to a glass of wine with lipstick marks on. She lets life play While sunny days quiet move past her on the video, While she whispers sorely, I miss you so much ”
Now it’s off to the framers with this painting before she gets to meet her new owners.
Do you have a favorite song you’d like to get painted? Please feel free to contact me for a talk about prices, format and ideas