Pumpkin carving workshops and lecture

Sunday 2.September 2018

Autumn is here, which means I have startes thinking about pumpkins!
A lot of people have missed my localpumpkin carving workshops here in Rindal the last few years. Unfortunately I haven’t had time as I have been booked for workshops all over the country and have been on the road with my pumpkins that time of year.

But that’s about to change, So there’s finally a pumokin carving workshop here at DalalĂ„ven in Rindal again, – Sunday 28th October at 2 pm and one at 4.30 pm
This is suitable for everyone from about 5-100 years old if you ask me!

Due to limited space you have to book yourself a place!
There’s an event on Facebook which you can find here

The 24th October I am havin a pumpkin carving workshop at VÄrres  in Kristiansund.

You need to book yurself a place there to, so reserve your space by getting in touch with me:
e-mail: art@ingadalsegg.com
tel: 4157 9523















It looks like I’ll be gooing to kristiansund on several occasions this autumn. will be cooperating with VĂ„rres in Kristiansund. 10th October is World Mental Health Day, and I will be having a talk at VĂ„rres.

I am also going to have a painting class there, but we are not entirely sure about the date as yet. But I will keep you posted!

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