Another commission

Tuesday 25th July 2017

I don’t seem to get any summer holiday this year either, instead I am busy painting at my art studio. I just finished this painting on papyrus today.
The title is “Kom og hold meg, bare hold litt rundt meg” – which is from a Norwegian song. It means “Come and hold me, just hold me for a while”.
I have painted this on commision, and there is a lot of symbolism here; personal experiences, dreams, favourite colour, favourite song, longings and more, has all become a part of this painting.
Now it just needs to dry for a bit before i take it to the framers, an then ship it off down to the south of Norway to its new home.
I really appreciate these type of commissions, and feel priveliged to have such fantastic customers. It can be quite emotional sometime when strangers open up and tell me their personal life stories and ask me to paint it.
If you are interested in getting a painting just for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch