Lots of work

Thursday 9th April 2015

There’s a high level of activity here at my art studio these days. I have just finished another oil painting on canvas and to on papyrus.

A quick update on what’s happening

I have an exhibition at Valsøytunet ni Valsøyfjord 16.May-17.July,
I will be participating at Galleri Gavens Summer Market in Trondheim 13.-14.June,
at the Summer exhibition here at Dalalåven Atelier in Rindal 27.June-17.July,
and at The International Art festival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil 3.-26.July,
As you can see I need enough art work to divide between 4 different locations this spring and summer, – so I just have to work as much as possible the next months!

Here are the new paintings

MyHeartsDesire MusicinMyEars
My Heart’s Desire Music in My Ears
You & Me

All three paintings can be seen in a larger format in their galleries on this web site

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