Summer Exhibition at Dalalåven Art Studio

Monday 6th April 2015

27.June-12.July 2015 there will be a group exhibition at Dalalåven Art Studio, for the very first time this summer!
I am really looking forward to this!
This exhibition will contain art works by Yvonne Jeanette Karlsen, Rolf Øidvin and myself.

The opening is at 27.June at 2pm

More information about the opening times to come soon!
Here some info about the other artists:

Yvonnne Jeanette Karlsen (born 1966) is from Fredrikstad. She mainly works with oil paintings and litographs, with a focus on the human body. You can see two of her works below here

exodus Symbiose

Rolf Øidvin (born 1950)is from Oslo, but lives in Averøy.
Rolf works with a variety of techniques, – drawing, painting, printmaking and scultpure. He mainly works with motifs from his own surroundings, – the sea, and people and animals in the landscape where he lives. You can see two of his art works below here
hertugen 2 loke

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