Winter Cultural Week, art jury and various other things

9th January 2015

I have various things happening the enxt few months. I am currently painting on a few different commissions, I’ll post photos of those as they get finished.
In addition to that i have a few other types of activities.

Saturday 31st January I will be holding a drawing workshop as part of the Winter Cultural Week in Skaun (Vinterkulturuka). It’s an all day workshop, and you can register for it by sending an e-mail or text 971 83 454.

Saturday 28th February I am taking part in Winter Noise in Meldal (Vinterlarm). There will be a Saturday Cafe with art exhibitions 28th Feb 12-17. I am one of the artists participating there, and will be bringing various Inga-merchandise in addition to paintings, drawings and prints.

In March I will be having a few hectic days in Trysil as part of sitting in the art jury of The Dream Grant (Drømmestipendet)
Last year I had the honour of sitting in the art jury there for the very first time, I have now been asked to continue my work for them, so this will be my second year there.
All of Norways municipalities can nominate up to six candidates each, but only one for each of the categories; Visual art, dance, music, creative writing, theater and other.
In March we in the jury will meet to do our work: to choose 100 young talents to award a Dream Grantof 10 000,- Norwegian kroner each in June.
A very exciting job, and a great honour! I now it’s hard work, and the days are long and intense, but I am really looking forward to this!

So I have various tasks ahead of me, but today is just an ordinary day at my art studio, with my cat Frøya climbing around high up on the beams under the ceiling, – as always!


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