Winter Noise and new painting

Sunday 1.March 2015

Yesterday I participated in the so called Inspirational Bomb during the Cultural Week “Winter Noise” in Meldal.
And WHAT a day!!
At the end of the day I honsetly felt like a super star and just wanted to say “Thank you Storås, thank you, you’ve been great!” as I left the stage!
The day was truly inspirational, there was so much to see, hear and do, and it was really jam packed with people the entire day.
I had a queue of customers lining up, and sold out of several types of my merchandise.
I just want to say thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to all of the organisers. I really had a great day, and would loce to come back at some point!

You can see more about yesterday on Trollheimsporten here
and on here

I have also finished a new painting, it’s called “To Have and to Hold” you can find it in a larger format in the Hands and Feet gallery


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