Art Festival and new papyrus paintings

6.August 2013

Strandheim Art Festival in Orkanger is on S aturday 17.August, I am one of the three Festival Artists. They have a very varied program, with a lot to see and experience; everything from art exhibitions to conserts and dance classes, – so if you have the opportunity I’d recommend to stop by there!
If you are on Facebook you can see more about them here

In addition to having an art exhibition at Strandheim Art Festival I’ll also be bringing along my art candles and my art calendars for sale, so if you’re looking for something for yourself, or a small present for someone you may find both here.

I have recently finished two new papyrus paintings, the one to the left is called “As Years Go By” and the one to the rigt “When Love is Forever”:

as years go by when love is forever

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